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Topic: Need opinions! Kawai CA65 vs CA67  (Read 4220 times)

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Need opinions! Kawai CA65 vs CA67
on: July 21, 2017, 12:16:32 AM
Hello guys.

I've been wanting to buy a Kawai CA67 to practice and update from my Roland F130R. Well, during my shop search a dealer offered me a Kawai CA65 for $2000 less than a Kawai CA67. It's new aswell, probably left from an old stock.

Keep in mind that for logistic reasons I can't play on both of them and decide before I buy.

So i wanted your help. For those of you that have played both models, how do they compare? Is the CA67 much superior to the CA65? How superior is it?

Like I said, I currently own the Roland F130R and wanted to update it to something superior since I feel a HUGE difference when playing on my teachers acoustic. Yes, I know that digital pianos can't reach the acoustic feel completely, but since I can't buy an acoustic at the moment (room/noise issues) i wanted something superior  than i currently have.

So, what is your opinion? Do you guys actually feel that much of a difference from one model to another? Is the GF II notable comparing to the GF? How good are the new samples from the Kawai grands? Any other thing I should consider?

Budget isn't that big of an issue. I can afford a CA67, but if the difference between them is a minor one (like an iPhone 6 to an iPhone 6s) , I wouldn't mind saving $2000 aswell.

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Re: Need opinions! Kawai CA65 vs CA67
Reply #1 on: July 29, 2017, 11:55:16 AM

As i mentionned in other topic, I would recommend Kawai VPC1 with Galaxy-instruments sampled pianos. Far the best sound i ever heard from digital instrument, and the VPC1 has GFII, which I find quite great key action (though there may be one better from Kawai). 

Good luck!!

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Re: Need opinions! Kawai CA65 vs CA67
Reply #2 on: September 29, 2017, 11:26:58 AM
I have had the CA65 myself for about two years. I've occasionally played on a CA67 in a shop. My personal belief is that you should save yourself some extra money and get the older one: it's a perfectly fine device, and I don't think the differences between them are that significant.

It's a shame you can't try it out before buying, though—these pianos have a very light touch, lighter than is common for most acoustics. I think it's perfectly fine and you get used to it at any rate, but still it's something you'd normally want to find out for yourself before buying.

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Re: Need opinions! Kawai CA65 vs CA67
Reply #3 on: September 29, 2017, 11:56:36 AM
The thing you want to watch out for is the polyphony count. I used to have one of the old MP9500 stage pianos and kept having notes cut out while I was playing. It's max polyphony was 64 notes which seems pretty pathetic these days but that was a long time ago. It's never happened to me on my CS6 which has max. 192 notes. I would just double check the polyphony for each model. If they are the same I'd say go for the cheaper one, especially if it's new and comes with a warranty.

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Re: Need opinions! Kawai CA65 vs CA67
Reply #4 on: September 29, 2017, 05:00:22 PM
Is there a difference in the GF?  I know it evolved from GFI to GFII but I don't know at what stage.  I have the CA97 which is identical to CA67 except for some extras such as the soundboard which makes a difference when playing out in the room - but the GFII (on mine) is the same.  There was a demo by "PianoManChuck" which I can't find right now.  The keys of II are a bit longer than of I, and that makes a difference esp. as you move into the black keys (he explains it).

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