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Topic: Medtner - Sonata Reminiscenza, Op. 38 and other works - advice for exam needed  (Read 2138 times)

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I am ad the moment planning my programme for a piano exam in approx. 1 year. It has to consist of 32 - 38 minutes of playing (breaks excluded). I should show various styles and tempi and the programme has to be nice balanced, even though it isn´t necessary to play a work of every epoch. I would adore to at least include 1 major work of Medtner, as I am totally in love with his compositions. Also I think that the jury may be pleased to hear something unusual. Any experience with this piece or any alternatives that aren´t too challenging? I know that the sonata is musically very demanding but I am up for it.

The exam is like the ATCL or the DipARBSM/ALCM, it is a performance only diploma.(equivalent to the end of the first year at university or a conservatory) 
I would love to play for example:

- Medtner Sonata Reminiscenza as a major sonata
- Chopin etude 25/1 and 25/7
- Maybe Ravel a la maniere de Borodine (to have some impressionism as well)
- a classical piece of work

My major issue is that I almost only played romantic and impressionism. Maybe some of you has advice on a nice classical work? It shouldn´t be too long (not significantly above 8 minutes) as the Medtner is quite long.
Or could you suggest one of the shorter pieces of Medtner? It shouldn´t be too virtuosos though.

English is not my mother tongue so please be lenient. Thank you. :)

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- Chopin Op 25 No 12
- Beethoven 32 variations WoO 80
- Bach Partita No. 2
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I don't think the Sonata-Reminiscenza goes much over 16 minutes usually?... You should have another 10-15 minutes to fit in a classical piece (maybe Beethoven Op. 78?)

For alternatives though, the G minor sonata is shorter (14-15 minutes) but also probably more difficult. Or could try No. 1 of the Sonata-Triad (in A flat) which is the easiest of the three and I like it a lot in general.

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