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Beethoven Variations – New Urtext and Recordings

Variation form was a central feature of Beethoven’s piano writing in general, from his early years until the end of his life. 32 Variations in C-minor as well as the Six Variations in G-major, both based on Beethoven’s original themes, are now available in new Urtext sheet music and recordings. Read more >>

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Author Topic: Has anyone ever played a "Cristofori" baby grand before?  (Read 111 times)
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My mom had a conversation with someone who works at a Piano store in my area and he said that a "Cristofori" fits into my price range of $6000 dollars but i can't find very many videos online of people playing one and one guy on reddit was trashing the upright. Please can anyone give me some more information on these pianos? Thank you Smiley

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