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Random Journal Experiment (Read 825 times)

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Random Journal Experiment
« on: January 04, 2018, 03:05:49 PM »
Okay guys, just a while ago I posted on Miscellaneous about "The goal of music" a rant about why music is so good to some but weird to others. This time, I'm going to try to examine how my brain works, in terms mainly of piano practice, discipline, and stuff. Kind of like a Journal of sorts. I would really love it if you commented or gave advice. I really want to understand the nature of things, you know.


Okay so right now, I'm typing here out of sheer curiosity and a desire to get to understand myself more, because I think typing it on a public forum in the Internet will somehow make me take it more seriously. I am typing here very spontaneously, much like...err...rachmaninoff_forever hey man, I admire your "spontaneous" approach, I like it, just saying...and then I will switch to analyzing my Beethoven Sonata No. 12 so I can break it down and stuff.

It's 11:00 PM as I write this (11:01 now) and I feel kind of tired but I think I can manage maybe an hour's practice on this thing after the Analysis. I'm looking to going through a bunch of pieces before school starts so I'm prepared for this sh*t.

I follow a Bernhard-esque (thanks Bernhard I saw your post, just saying I have much respect of your effort to contribute your ideas) plan of practicing a short segment 7x alternating hands, within a small section of my Analysis. The segment should be short enough that it is VERY EASY to play it correctly within 7x.

Let's see how this works.

I am also going to make a...schedule for tomorrow because I have to go through the last four pages (planning to do a page tonight) of the Sonata's 4th movement. I KNOW this schedule is probably not gonna be followed (because stuff happens in the day I can't control) but I will try to "change" this schedule when those stuffs happen. Last time, I also made a schedule but when stuff changed the schedule, I got lazy to continue with practicing and then did more relaxing stuff, so I didn't really do what I was supposed to complete.

Let us see how this works.