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Topic: I slipped (badly) on my ARCT performer's exam...  (Read 2186 times)

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I slipped (badly) on my ARCT performer's exam...
on: April 11, 2018, 10:00:57 PM
Hello everybody. Today I took my ARCT Piano Performers exam. For the most part, I had a few wrong notes here and there, but kept on going. But in my list C, Brahms's Rhapsody op 79 no 1, I came to a full stop at the end of the A section (after the first "recapitulation"). There was about a ten-second silence before I got into the B section (with a small hitch, but I recovered). It may not be as embarrassing as say, a memory slip in the heart of say, the glissandos. I am worried this could cost me significant marks on the entire exam, let alone the piece alone. Otherwise, I felt I demonstrated the precise styling of the piece including dynamics, phrasing, articulation, and the such.

My teacher told me by experience that someone who stops and replays a section of the piece would fail the entire exam, which I suppose is due to lack of a concert-quality performance caused by that overly significant memory slip. But that being said, has anyone ran into this kind of situation and can tell me how great my chances of passing are? I appreciate your advice in advance!

P.S. I played on a Steinway.
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