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Moszkowski 'Transcendental Fingerings' for Double Thirds? (Read 834 times)

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Moszkowski 'Transcendental Fingerings' for Double Thirds?
« on: May 24, 2018, 02:46:23 AM »
In Moszkowski's 'School of Double Notes' op. 64 there is a section devoted to non-traditional, 'transcendental' fingerings for double 3rd scales, which the author claims to be largely superior to all others:

...the superiority of these fingerings, (which we will call "transcendental") is incontestable, and in many scales it does not even appreciably increase the difficulty. In other keys, however, the fingering becomes so complicated, that a very rapid movement is practically unattainable.
     From among these fingerings everyone may chose those which best suit their technical abilities and the form of their hand....


 I have been poking around on the Web and am finding very few* references to these fingerings, which puzzles me somewhat given the fame of this work. So, piano teachers, any thoughts?

*Jon Verbalis discusses them briefly, and is not overly impressed, in his book Natural Fingering: A Topographical Approach to Pianism; he states that Busoni also mentioned them favorably once. Alberto Jonas touches on them.