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Topic: Sustain Pedal creates a creaking noise on my Kawai K-200  (Read 1889 times)

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as described in the title my sustain pedal sometimes creates a creaking noise, comparable to wood creaking. Strangely it only occurs when I'm playing, so if I were to press and release the pedal while not playing everything would be normal.
And even if I'm playing it does not occur every single time... I've told my piano tuner about this when he tuned the Piano for the first time in November of last year (bought it about 10 months ago) but he didn't notice nor find anything.

Any idea on what the reason could be??

By the way it is the K200 Atx2 so its the Silent Piano version... I've already eliminated some resonances caused by vibrating wooden parts through soft foam but I can't figure this one out...

Seems to be one of those problems where when you want to show it to someone everything is normal  ::) ::)