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recordings for visually impaired and blind advanced classical piano students (Read 1294 times)

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Hello everyone,

I am a blind classical pianist who has learned repertories entirely by ear. I just graduated from college with three degrees in math, history and piano performance. I would normally ask my teachers to record the pieces I need to learn, which including solo, concerto, chamber music and piano duet, accompaniments for vocalists, and etc. These recordings are somewhat slow (compare to the concert tempo, but not extremely slow like some Youtube tutorials), and depends on the piece, if the texture is not too hard, my teachers would play hands together with a few explanations of some complex chords and voicings (e.g. the alto voice A is held by 3 betas, or that chord is divided into 4 notes for the left hand and 5 notes for the right hand) Now I am wondering if there is a way for me to get more recordings like what I have mentioned. As most of you would think, music braille is an option, but mostly for lower level players, and I don't know music braille from growing up. Another option is learning from MIDI files. But the quality of midi is, as most of you know, not great, especially for complex classical pieces, like a Bach Fugue or 20th century piano sonatas. So my question is do you know anyone who is specializing in this area (making recordings) or any established business or "publishing services"? I am sure I am not the only who needs this, but after browsing this site, I have not found anyone asking this question yet.
P.S. Attached is a recording from one wonderful piano professor Christopher Lewis, playing and explaining the first half of Brahms violin sonata in d minor, last movement.
Looking forward to your reply,
Tony Lu