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Topic: Grade 3 Exam advice + Intro to myself :/  (Read 1655 times)

Offline ozzy2018

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Grade 3 Exam advice + Intro to myself :/
on: November 22, 2018, 01:13:21 AM
Hello everyone

This will be my first post so I thought I'd introduce a bit a about myself;

I started piano in late 2016. As a child I had started playing but never continued. Now as an adult I felt it was time to take things a bit more seriously whilst having the mindset to progress in a more controlled and intellectual way. I currently have a teacher who has been very useful in my piano journey and hope in time I can play public performances and compose my own music.

As of now I am approaching the grade 3 exam which takes place on the 28th of November and I must say I am a bit apprehensive. The pieces come from the  2015-2017 Trinity College London Syllabus, they are;

Haydn : Divertimento in G Major, Hob. XVI:8 (IV : Allegro)

(This version is in 3/4 with some dynamic variations)

Dance of the little Swans - Arr Pauline Hall

The Rainbow - Ray More


I have practiced all of the pieces in a vareity of different ways - from Segmental practice, HS at varying speeds, cycling through different sections from specific points to another; for the most part not looking at the keyboard etc and the general playing now is reasonable however the main issue I have deduced comes down to hand memory particually when reading two staves at once. Technically none of these pieces are difficult but I am beginning to realize how the visual processes of reading can somewhat interfer with the learning and aquisition of touch and hand memory in particular.

I feel I am having to conciously be aware during this late stage about how I am not making enough associations with touch during my practice and regret that perhaps I have been doing something wrong in the earlier stages. It seems that even during a specifc practice I am "overly visual" with the music.

With Allegro most of the problems take place in the RH keeping everything flowing and anticipating any changes, all with that accompanying LH.

With the dance most of the issues take place in the perception in the middle section (bars 10 to 13) and the ending (bars 18 to 19) - I know the notes but it's just not in hands so to speak.

With the Rainbow this is for the most part a pedal problem - being the first proper piece using one at this stage - I find it very difficult to read, listen and co-ordinate at the same time. also the transition in bar 14 and 15 are a bit tricky; I think to myself B7 chord in the LH moving to finger 2&5 and 2&4 in the LH leading back a tempo to the first section.

I believe that these pieces mark a solid transition in the perception and interpretation of learning music albeit relatively simple.

How can I continue to improve these pieces? :P

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Offline bubbamc

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Re: Grade 3 Exam advice + Intro to myself :/
Reply #1 on: November 24, 2018, 03:55:07 AM
Good luck for the exam!

My only advice is to use your ear as an aid to memorizing. Work on memorizing the tune, how it sounds, and mapping the keyboard to your ear. The end goal being you hear the parts in your mind and your hands do what they need to do to get he sound out. Practicing solfege is great for this.

Now, you can't have all of this sorted before your exam, but maybe paying more attention to the aural side of things will help you.

Let us know how you go!

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