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Beethoven as Improviser? - Interview with Konstantin Scherbakov, part 2
In this second part of our interview with Konstantin Scherbakov about his Beethoven celebrations during 2020, we talk about Liszt's Symphony transcriptions and the improvisational aspect in Beethoven's music. Read more >>

Topic: my interpretation of last movement of mozart sonata no 11 in a major  (Read 2149 times)

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Sabrina here again, I am sharing with you guys a link to a video I posted on my piano channel, athyh377.  It's the Rondo Alla Turca from the sonata by Mozart I mentioned above.  Below is the video link.  I recorded this the other day on 11/25/2018 btw. 

I'm not really asking for any suggestions on how to improve, I would just like to share my excellent performance.  I hope you all enjoy, and thanks for watching.