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Chopin and His Europe – New Combinations and Discoveries in Warsaw
For the nineteenth time Warsaw invited the world to the annual festival ”Chopin and His Europe”. Altogether, soloists, world-famous orchestras and ensembles were giving as many as 23 concerts. Some of the artists also appeared in concerts on period instruments. Or what about Chopin’s second piano concerto in a version for guitar and orchestra? Read more >>

Topic: Cannot attach files  (Read 1293 times)

Offline mass

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Cannot attach files
on: March 20, 2019, 11:45:00 AM
Hi, I was hoping to upload a recording of Chopin Raindrop Prelude that I am working on but when I click the Attachments and other options I do not see how to attach my file. Do I need a different membership for this feature?

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Re: Cannot attach files
Reply #1 on: March 21, 2019, 08:23:16 AM
It has to be something simple, this feature has always worked for me. Does your file conform in size and type ? When you click on “Choose file” you should be able to select any appropriate file on your computer. Uploading starts at once, but if the file is big it can sometimes take a few minutes. Once uploaded, the file name should appear as an attachment and should show upon posting. The file suffix must be strictly as listed though, for example jpg, not jpeg. As far as I know the type of membership is irrelevant.

I was mistaken there. I just tried it with a picture and a recording; uploading does not start until posting and can take a while. Both types worked fine though.

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