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our old upright piano "BELARUS" (Read 1557 times)

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our old upright piano "BELARUS"
« on: April 15, 2019, 04:07:55 AM »

Old piano "BELARUS"
Max was invited to consult a piano about. The fact is that this piano was bought by the mistress's mom. It is expensive as a memory but materialyty without. A lady owner of the piano, a successful business lady studied in her childhood precisely on this upright piano. But many years past later she did not has time to continung a studing to a piano. She has now transported this to her office center to try to resume her studies at the piano. But the piano was very loose tune. A lady owner of the piano were looking for a piano tuner for a very long time, but nobody practices in Uralsk now. Only thanks to the "gypsy radio" found the phone number of Max. Max was very busy with his business, but found time and he came to the office. What did he see here? The piano did not tuning more than 20 years. A pitch was missing. Some hammers and keys sticked, the dampers made jammed defective of actioning. The last tuner used a heavy hammer, which he strucked to a pin at the level of a coils. Max decided to raise from 420 to 435. Max was forced to use a corrugated cardboard shim there. He worked 4 days. Then he took a break for a week. Returning a week later, Max found only 10 pins, the strings of which have a sound slightly lower of a standart. The choirs is sounding full and it's good according tone. A beating is loose. A lady was pleased with the result of the work of Max. She paid a generous fee. Max will oversee this piano.