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Topic: Am I at a high enough standard to play Chopin's revolutionary etude?  (Read 1351 times)

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Hi everyone! I'm new to the website but I could really use some advice. I am doing my eighth grade studies for AMEB at the moment and am interested in the revolutionary etude by Chopin.  I'm left handed and have a strong sound in the left if need be however likely have  better technique with my right at this point. I'm working hard on technique with scales and Hanon exercises. Would I be too naive to try and learn a Chopin etude? its a lovely piece and I  would like to know if it is worth the risk of learning it. I am at a level where I will not damage my technique? I don't think I am looking too high above my skill level  but if I am please let me know.
Secondly, the first and only piece I have played by Chopin is his Mazurka in A minor op. 67 no 4.  I am aware its a simple piece (I learnt it for grade 6)  but it is my most loved piece and one I pull out when family ask me to play. For this piece alone I fell in love with Chopin's romantic style however I haven't dedicated myself to learning any of his waltzes for that matter. Should I focus on a more simple piece by Chopin before attempting this etude? Do i need more experience playing his works before this piece or can I play it now?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I will also be talking to my teacher later but will have to wait after the holidays and I would like to make some progress now if it possible. Thankyou all very much :)
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