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Topic: I need help, advices.... (please 😭😭) Iím very bad at piano (6years) I need tips  (Read 1547 times)

Offline clmz.k

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(Warning : my English isnít very good...)
Iíve been playing the piano for 6 years I think. Iíve never practiced regularly (can i say that, is it correct...?) I never really learnt about piano theory (itís an excuse..?), make a lot (a lottt) of mistakes when Iím playing (even if itís a piece Iíve been playing for a while) and I never really payed attention to my level... (Iím very bad...)

But since about 3 years ago, my neighbor started playing piano, and I noticed how bad I really was. She played for nearly 3 years and she is wayyy better than me. Iíve been playing the Turkish march for about 6 months now (yes, I know, itís a long long time)... (I donít practiced that often (one of the main problem, I know...) and with the virus and the transport problems (I live in France, there was a lot of transport problems...) I didnít really see my teacher (she comes to my house).... (I know, itís only excuses but-...) and I still have some (a lot) of trouble with it... I even noticed that my pinky was ę up Ľ (when I play with my third or fourth finger); I even noticed that I have trouble playing scales ! so I was even more shocked of how bad I am (Iím still shocked...)...
My neighbor is playing the minute waltz from Chopin with ease... (yes, Iím very jealous....) and we played a lot of same pieces at the same time... (ofc, she played better than me ;) )

Iím kind of scared and donít really know how to ask my teacher about those kind of things but...
What kind of pieces should I be able to play after 6 years ?
How can I improve my piano ?
What should I do to be at an average level ?
Honestly, how bad is my level at a scale of 1 to 10 (or more)?
Can you recommend me pieces that would help me improve my technics, skills...?
Any(other) tips, advices... would really help me...
Thank you very much...
And Iím sorry for my English....

Hope someone reads this...... :í)
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Offline ranjit

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Iím kind of scared and donít really know how to ask my teacher about those kind of things but...

You should try and broach the questions directly with the teacher. After all, it is their job to oversee your progress.

...What kind of pieces should I be able to play after 6 years ?
...What should I do to be at an average level ?
...Honestly, how bad is my level at a scale of 1 to 10 (or more)?
"Level" is hard to define. There are no pieces you "should" be able to play after X years. It depends heavily on the person, as well as on both the quantity and quality of effort put into learning. Also, there are several levels of "learning" a piece, where you keep discovering nuances and improve upon your playing over time.

If you somehow knew that there is a certain level you should reach after playing for 6 years, of what use would that knowledge be to you? Your aim should be to maximize how well you can learn moving forward.

You might also consider looking into a different teacher. Different teaching styles suit different individuals.

Offline dogperson

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Donít you already know most of the answers?  They are already in your post.

1. If you want to play better, you must practice. No excuses. Not seeing  your teacher is an excuse.
2. It doesnít matter what others are doing at six years, or what you should be doing. You need to get yourself on track. 
3. Get your teacher to assign your music: pieces you need to improve your technique and that will not take you months to learn to play well.  If you canít have an in person lesson, can you do video?  If not, email your teacher and get some new pieces and a learning plan
4.  we all make random errors but you cannot allow yourself to make the same repetitive mistake. To play  it right, you must learn it right.

Decide if you really want this and if you are willing to spend the excuse-free energy to do it. I am not willing to rate your Ďlevelí or Ďskillí on a scale from An email.  What your  level is quite frankly, irrelevant.

IMHO getting a new teacher will not fix this... no teacher is a magician.  The fix is up to you: Practice without excuse. Learn suitable music in a progressive way.

Offline quantum

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Hi and welcome to Pianostreet,

Stop comparing yourself to others.  All the time you spend comparing yourself, is time that is being taken away from improving yourself.  When you hear your neighbour practice don't aim to play better than them, rather aim to play better than yourself. 

Everyone makes mistakes, even the pros and those who have been playing a long time.  What matters is how you react to a mistake. 

You already know enough to be doing some work on your own.  In the meantime while you cannot see your teacher, focus your mindset to: with the stuff I already know, what can I do with it. 

Go find some new music to work on, sometimes working with the same music can cause exhaustion.  Give that music a rest and come back to it in a few weeks. 
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Offline jaro23

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The biggest enemy is to not play or play irregularly. No excuses like others said above.

Do not afraid to ask questions, after all more questions - even silly ones - more answers you will get, more knowledge you will get, more understanding you will gain over time.

I've learnt that playing piano is not something you will master over year, two etc. It is continuous process. Each practice will deliver some improvement, each will bring new discovery. Do not worry at all you don't know yet something... it is a process of new things coming to you, new skills and then you will have loads of WOW moments.

It was mentioned above that teacher should answer your questions, encourage you to practice, to improve. If you are afraid asking questions with your recent one maybe it is time to try another teacher. Sometimes it is not about the teacher, sometimes it is as well about us. We need to find best match student-teacher. How many times we hear the same thing from various people and nothing happens and then someone tells exactly the same and it hit us. Find your best fit. Oh, and sometimes it is our attitude as well... We as well sometimes need to adopt to style a bit and be patient.

Everybody has different speed of learning. 6 years sounds a lot. You have your answer in what you wrote. Daily practice for 6 years would put you in different place as you mentioned you are right now. Nothing is lost. Imagine daily practice for next 6 years, with not being worry to ask questions, with seeking answers, following what teacher tells you, practising, failing and improving - over and over again - discovering new things while your skills grow. You are at the door of great adventure. Keep going. Keep your motivation high by putting an effort to do it daily. You will be surprised where you will be in next year since now.

My advice is to keep going with some program. Don't jump into too difficult pieces because there is a trap there when you think you can't play. yes you can. It is like puzzle board, with every day practice you put another piece of puzzle into your picture and it looks better and better month by month.  So, Keep going.

I play for two years now, following some online program. Did mistake at the beginning jumping straight  away into more difficult pieces, now being able to understand why they are difficult. Loosing too much time mastering some skills without having proper foundations. That extends actually time you will be able to play those pieces you love. Anyway, I record my progress for piano enthusiasts like yourself to see that with daily practice you can, and you will play piano. You can check it out there: YT.

Anyway good luck, keep your head up, ASK THOSE QUESTIONS YOU HAVE and keep going. 
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