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ATTENTION! Mandarin speaking musicians! Help!! (Read 321 times)

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ATTENTION! Mandarin speaking musicians! Help!!
« on: June 24, 2020, 04:35:40 AM »
So I have a young girl, who just started with me a few (6-7) months ago... Due to her progress, her mother has just recently moved her to hour long lessons.  She is very disciplined but has a very Americanized goofy side! We can get through lessons with not many issues, and never do I really lose her, she just kinda ďfloatsĒ a little after the 35-40 minute mark... Iíve always been interested in Asian languages so I decided to use this covid/Zoom time to actually start learning... Her family is Mandarin speaking Chinese and though her English is just fine (sheís 8 and was born here) I figured I could use this to grab the (metaphorical) rope on the balloon she turns into.. first attempt was a success!! Counting lines and spaces, small corrections or praises, asking her to help me say something, etc... Other than allowing her to become (even for just a minute or two) a completely different person.... more importantly, it gives HER a chance to correct ME and teach me something, and itís helped immensely..  Also, the inflections on words and or groups of words have REALLY come in handy with some musical phrasing (though itís only been two weeks now, but I think Iím on to something!) .......So enough mindset and background... Iím becoming more and more aware that translated terminology isnít always contextually correct and Iím having a hard time finding SOME kind of source in regards to musical/theory/teaching terms and was wondering if anyone can point me in a direction or is willing to help me understand a little about music terminology. Note values, phrase markings, intervals, etc.... My pronunciation is pretty good and I can read pinyin.  I have been working on vocab and sentence structure and am just looking to interject some musical terms and small stuff, and what better way to practice than with a young person! (Yes, with motherís approval and supervision.) Thanks for any insight or assistance anyone can toss my way! 

Stay safe!

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Re: ATTENTION! Mandarin speaking musicians! Help!!
«Reply #1 on: June 24, 2020, 09:57:58 AM »
Here are a couple of possibly useful resources.


This first one is free and maybe more general than you are looking for, but it's a start.

This next one seems to have all the technical vocabulary you would want. This version has both characters and pinyin, but I've never dealt with scribd, so I don't know how easy it is to get the full document. There is a free version online, but it only has the characters, no pinyin.


characters only.....