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Topic: 19th century style piano compositions  (Read 274 times)

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19th century style piano compositions
on: September 07, 2022, 06:39:42 PM

I am looking for pianists who might be interested in giving one or more of these 19th century style piano compositions a go.  The page length ranges from two to 36.  One each has been recorded by Tim Adrianson and Felix Buchmann, and two by Stefan Abels.

I made two recordings of the two page Aristocrat of the Slums.

A link to a Google Drive folder with a zip file having this selection of the music and which can be downloaded can be provided to those who may be interested.  I also can email specific pdf files.

Aristocrat of the Slums, 2 pages

Funeral Sarabande, 2 pages

Soliloquy, 2 pages

In Memoriam Mr. Rusty, 3 pages

Resan till Sverige, 3 pages

Homage to Nyiregyházi, 4 pages

Lullaby, 4 pages

Late Happy 201st Birthday Mr. Liszt, 7 pages

Waldemarsudde pĺ Natten, 7 pages

Fantasy March, 9 pages

Södermalm Fantasy Ballade, 14 pages

A Buried Dream of the Heart, 15 pages

Love, Rebirth and Cosmic Acceptance, 16 pages

The Isle of Peace, 16 pages

The Summer of 2016, 36 pages