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Topic: Studio headphones sound awesome for my VST, but awful thru speakers!  (Read 283 times)

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I understand headphones and speakers are hugely different as to how they manage the stereo field and sound which I guess is the main issue here but wondering what active speakers might be sort of as good as possible to play thru, without braking my budget.  I have a set of 30y/o Yamaha Studio Monitors that i powered thru a Samson amp and the sound was pretty sad so I only use phones to play now.  The difference is night and day.  What i don't understand is I can record a piece using my headphones, play that piece thru a stereo and it sounds quite good.  But play my Garritan Abbey Road VST live thru those speakers and it's just not a happy thing! 

So I guess the answer is I'll never find speakers that will match what the headphones do, at all, but still what smaller powered speakers are sort of good enough?  My sense is expensive speakers will not solve this issue, so a small pair of powered speakers that work well is what I'm asking for here.  Thanks!

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Your post is kind of confusing, starting with the subject line, because there it sounds as if you are trying to hear your headphones through speakers (an impossibility).

So are you saying that you have a piano; you listen to the piano through your headphones; you also listen to your piano through the speakers?
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