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Andras Schiff, Brahms and the Question of Tradition
Much attention and mention is given Sir Andras Schiff's latest remarkable recording of both Brahms’ piano concertos with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. Schiff's choice of instrument is a Blüthner grand piano built in Leipzig around 1859, the year in which the first D minor concerto was premiered. Schiff has changed foot in his views on period instruments and the recording can be seen as an ambitious attempt to scrutinize and fully bring out the true characteristics of Brahms' works. Read more >>

Topic: so I received a Copyright Claim by someone using MY OWN music on Youtube  (Read 303 times)

Offline kalospiano

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I first published a video two years ago with some music played and composed by me.

Just yesterday I published a new video containing a transcription of that music.

On this last upload, I received a Copyright Claim from someone who published (four months ago, therefore much later than my original upload) a video containing my music.

I appealed against this Copyright Claim and also filed a complaint about the video that stole my music.

My appeal against the Copyright Claim has been rejected. I appealed again and I'm waiting for the result.

My complaint about the video that stole my music was also rejected by Youtube due to the fact that my music has been used as an "Art Track" with a license provided by a third party ("Don't Give Up Records", apparently). I was told to discuss this with my record company, which I don't have.

Now, I clearly was an idiot for publishing all my music with a  Youtube Standard License, which apparently means that my works are public domain, but does this really mean that anybody can use my music without citing the original source and that they can claim it as their own and even file Copyright Claims against me, the original composer?

This is really weird and if anybody knows anything about copyright law and can advise on what I can do to to solve this situation or at least avoid this kind of offenses in the future it would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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According to this blog post, the YouTube Standard License means that you still own your work, you are just giving YouTube the rights to publish it on their platform (seems reasonable, since you are hosting your copyrighted material and broadcasting it via their servers, so they obviously need your permission to be able to do that): https://www.termsfeed.com/blog/youtube-license-types/#What_Is_The_Standard_Youtube_License According to this post, using the Youtube Standard License, no one is allowed to reuse your material without your permission, and you have right to take legal action against violators.

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Thank you Anacrusis for that link. I had misunderstood the details of the YouTube standard license as the last reply from them led me to believe that my work was public domain, but apparently that's not the case. Luckily.
I just checked my emails and it seems that my latest complaint was successful, so my last upload has been unblocked and I'll see if the offending video will be taken off in the next seven days. I didn't really expect it after the response I received from YouTube yesterday, but the situation is possibly getting solved :) much ado for nothing, I guess!

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