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Topic: Sustain pedal for digital pianos: Are some really being made with no cushioning?  (Read 109 times)

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Recently I bought a sustain pedal online from Walmart.  Looked like the rest of them with the polarity switch on the side.  It has no cushioning for either the pedal at the bottom or when it returns.  So with ever push of the pedal there's a clank/clank. How this could be released is beyond comprehension.  So I'm wondering if others have noticed this?  I wonder if Walmart tends to attract the bottom of the rung sellers as there doesn't seem to be much feedback there so maybe sellers can get away with a lot more there.  I bought something else on Walmart and it was just a joke the quality was so bad, just completely unusable. 

I'd like to buy one on Ebay where I am very rarely disappointed (even if it comes from  China) but wonder if this is common now.  Maybe hearing damage is more pronounced in China so they don't notice it.

And what reputable manufacturers actually make sustain pedals?  There's M-Audio but what about others besides Yamaha?  I don't know what to look for on Ebay thanks to all the Chinese sellers that have clogged the market with their trash.  They're like online locusts.