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The Real Chopin Shines in Warsaw
Following the success of the first International Chopin Competition on Period Instruments launched in Warsaw in 2018, the Chopin Institute invited the world to its second edition on 5 - 15 October 2023. Piano Street’s Patrick Jovell was present at the finals in Warsaw and had a chance to ask Chopin Institute’s Aleksander Laskowski a couple of questions in the grand hall of the National Philharmonic. Read more >>

Topic: Help finding a new piece  (Read 228 times)

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Help finding a new piece
on: August 28, 2023, 10:40:01 PM
Hello! Second post here on the forums, and I have a pretty darn important query. For context, I ask you to read the short thread that is my first post. As I had said, I'm making fairly good progress on the prelude, and of course I expect the 2nd and 3rd sections to be much harder and take considerably longer. However the comments left by some have driven me to give consideration to a change in piece. If I do decide to change my pursuit, I'd like to tackle the Chopin Waltz Op. 64 no. 2. Anyone have any suggestions for something similar that I may also consider?

EDIT: Ive just found Chopins Waltz Op. 69 No.2. I love it. Im doing this now. Feel free to suggest anything else, though! :3
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