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Topic: Goldberg variations recording on !piano! with !distinct! repetitions (A A' B B')  (Read 184 times)

Offline superintendentoffugues

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As the name suggests, I am looking for recordings of the Goldberg Variations on Piano (not harpsichord) where each repetition of the A and B part is played as differently as possible (like it should in proper baroque playing etiquette). That certainly includes new embellishments like trills, but also and especially different voicing (which doesn't work as well on harpsichord), + any additional way of changing it up.

Usually, I listen to a lot of Schiff as he does that to some extent but maybe there exists pianists who do that even more. I have spend multiple hours already on listening to different recordings and on general there is no difference in the repetitions and some even skip the repeats all along.

I would be really happy if you folks could share your knowledge with me!

Bach is everything
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Offline symphonicdance

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If you study more and make more references on how other top pianists and Bach specialists (e.g. Tureck, Hewitt, Gould, Schiff, etc.) deal with baroque and Bach music (not just limited to Goldberg), you may then yourself come up with your own ideas, your own improvisations when you play the repeat.

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