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Topic: Rachmaninoff's Moments Musicaux Op.16 No.1  (Read 1500 times)

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Rachmaninoff's Moments Musicaux Op.16 No.1
on: May 05, 2005, 09:31:28 PM
I'm currently into Rachmaninoff's Moments Musicaux Op.16 No.1. Unfortunatelly, my sheet book has no fingering at all. If any of you could pass me their sheet with fingering or even with the fingering you came up with, I would be more than gratefull.
It's mainly the first 23 bars of Andantino con moto part. There I imagine that we should not have many hand and finger dispositions, the more finger somebody uses the better. So I was wondering, if some of you have studied this part, which fingering was more convenient to you. If only I had a copy of your fingering noted down on the sheet. I also believe that there must be some kind of a practical tip about the choreography of these figures. Any help would be appreciacble.
Please contact me at
Thanks, in advance.

(as a new(bubble)bie I have posted this on a irrelevant section, I think this is a better place where more advice could be given)