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Pianostreet has provided me and my students with unparalleled access to high quality sheet music.
I teach mostly in the advanced grades and at concert level, but finding music is not always easy. Pianostreet has rarely let us down, no matter how obscure the manuscript.
I particularly appreciate that there is often choice between an Ur-text or an edited edition. This is very useful when teaching students about editorial interpretation and also when a more "blank canvas" is needed for students to develop their own interpretations.

All of my students are members of Pianostreet and many of my teacher colleagues have joined as well. It is an excellent resource for students and teachers alike and there is very rarely any need to visit another website or music store in search of sheet music. For those of us who teach in country and regional areas, where there is no access to physical music stores, Pianostreet is a real boon and much appreciated.

In the Australian mainstream music education system (AMEB) it has been unacceptable for many decades to use photocopies of music in examinations or performance, but Pianostreet editions are considered acceptable by all our examining authorities. This has saved my students a great deal of money and angst when sourcing sheet music. Thank you Pianostreet.

Andrea Boltresz
Advanced Pianoforte Instruction (private)
Advanced Keyboard Studies (Goulburn Conservatorium of Music - peripatetic staff)
Accompanist and Vocal Coach
Robertson, Australia

"Wonderful service! [...] I have no reservation in recommending it as a "must" to all pianists, both teachers and students, amateur and professional."
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Dr. Robert J Keane, pianist

I would like to say that I find this site just fantastic. For such a little amount of money to be able to download all the piano scores that you have available is amazing. It would cost a fortune to buy the same music in the shops.
I think you're just wonderful!

I have recently formed a private recording company for high quality piano CDs. I needed copies of the music to use in the post-production work while editing and mastering our solo and duet music. Piano Street has most of the repertoire available so I do not have to borrow the pianist's music.

The quality of your editions is excellent and download speed is always very fast. I also appreciate the occasional manuscript files that can give additional insight into our work here.

Gregory Lewis

There are just no superlatives to adequately describe the benefits and joys of a Gold membership with pianostreet.com!
As a professional performer, I rely on this website to find, research, and choose classical selections for recitals and various other opportunities. As a teacher, I recommend pianostreet.com to all my students, and also to other teachers.
I am amazed that some instructors at the college level have not discovered this treasure trove of sheet music and information, available for such a small price!

My first membership was a gift; and my delight resulted in a gift renewal. However, I do not plan to be without pianostreet.com at any time in the future! The pages are neat and clear, and your website is easy to manage. It is also a big help in cases of argument between musical friends!

As the classical soloist at trinityhemet.org (Edie's Page), I prepare a new solo about once a month (which is recorded on video when the tech team is on site); and with the wealth of selections available on pianostreet.com, I can give my Music Director a list to choose from; and I enjoy, so much, the hundreds of piano solos, and the related information, offered to your members.

Edie Schmoll
Manager, Music Songs
Menifee, CA

I have found pianostreet.com invaluable for my piano students and for myself, as a pianist. I needed some new pieces for an adult student who was on level 2, and I looked through pieces at that level, found some that looked interesting and inviting, and printed them for her. I had such a variety of pieces to choose from, and it was such an easy process.

For myself, I found a Chopin piece that I remembered my mother playing years ago. I was delighted to print it off and play it. Through the piano forum I put in a search request for a Respighi duet that I had played with my piano teacher in Italy years ago. It was out of print, and I had searched for it over the years. Someone on the pianostreet forum had electronic access to it, and provided a link, so that I was able to print it and finally have it.
I have really enjoyed being a member of pianostreet.com.

Georgia, US

I have used many online resources, and it is the easiest and the best value for me and my studio.
I can often find music that I would have to order, wait for, and then pay for a great big book just for a student to see if he likes a piece of music.
Now, if the student likes the music, we use it as a work copy and go ahead and order the anthologies to have a nice library for the student. Also, I'm steering my students to memberships in piano street so when they go on the internet looking for music on their own, they find something I would be happy for them to study instead of some weird "something" published by some kid somewhere.

My student lost his book of Haydn Sonatas the week before a contest, and the music store did not have it in stock, so it was on order. Because PianoStreet offers music for purchase, the score we printed online was accepted for the contest. And the judge remarked that it was such a good edition and asked me where I found it.

Private Piano Teacher, College Piano Teacher
Houston, Texas, US

I am a frequent user of www.pianostreet.com. The service I use the most is to print the piano music. It got a wide collection of piano pieces from must famous composers. I like most of the scores in urtext. Some got demo mp3 files as well. It saves me a lot of time and money when I need to find new pieces for myself and my students.

Other service I find it useful is the discussion forum. When I have some pedagogical issues on a particular piece, I can just search it on the forum and all the discussions about that piece will just pop up right away.

The price is reasonable and I don't have to shop around and just stay home to enjoy the service. This site is highly recommended to the piano teachers and students.

Patty Lai
Piano Teacher in Silver Spring

I really can't remember how I found the pianostreet site, but it has been a great thing for me. I live in area that has limited access to sheet music and in the last couple of years, the availability has become less. Pianostreet has enabled me to view and print music that I would not be able to have otherwise. I've been very pleased with the selection and I've been able to challenge myself quite a bit.

Thank you,
Joyce Oberlin
Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, US

Piano Street has been a wonderful tool to me as both a pianist and a piano teacher. I can browse the collection for pieces I want to play and/or have my students play. The difficulty rating system that Piano Street uses enables me to search by difficulty level for ieces at mystudents' various playing levels.
It is helpful that many of the scores include an audio clip of the piece being played. I have recommended to my advanced students that they also join Piano Street since getting sheet music from there is a much less expensive alternative to ordering and paying for the music.

Steve D. Allen, Ph.D.
Owner/Piano Teacher, Allen Music Studio
Houston, Texas, US

After more than 35 years without playing, there have been no better source to recuperate all the basic classic partitures for piano that I had lost, than Piano Street. For me it has been a blessing and I have saved a lot of money!

Antonio Colon
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Piano Street makes good quality editions of essential and significant works in the classical piano repertoire available for a subscription fee way lower than the amount you would normally have to pay to buy every single work in the library. The collaborative and encouraging atmosphere in the message boards make it a good place to have discussions, and for anyone to seek or provide help.
It can be said that Piano Street broadens horizons for a few dollars a month.

Zhi Bin, Singapore

I was away from playing the piano for some 30 years and restarted playing again about 3 years ago. Have defiantly benefited from pianostreet by downloading the music and by listening to the audio which has helped my playing.
Tom Shepherd
Capon Bridge, WV, USA

A recent occasion gave me cause to celebrate my membership with pianostreet.com. I was playing for a wedding and 3 church services last weekend. I keep my separate "gigs" in separate three ring binders. I arrived at the church for the wedding and found that I had brought along the wrong binder, totally wrong set of music. I live 15 miles from the church and really did not want to take the time to go home to get the music. I did however, have keys to the church office with me, and was able to duck into the office, access pianostreet.com on the church computer, and downloaded music for the whole service. The wedding was a success, and I didn't have a nervous breakdown!

Pianostreet downloads are very nice quality and print out clearly with crisp black notes.
Where I live - central Minnesota - most music stores have recently closed, making it hard to get music for me and my students. Pianostreet has been a nice resource for me. I have also been able to download some music that I would not have had access to even in the music store. I am still looking for music by Kapustin, however!

Rebecca Nelson

I am very happy with my Gold membership of pianistreet.com.
Every time I need music quickly, I have found it, (Urtext editions included).
I enjoy the posts and videos that are on the website and reading the latest music news. I have shared some of the articles about different composers with my students. I'm sure I haven't taken advantage of the website as much as I should, but don't close it down! It is a valuable resource. I am going to recommend it to my students. I do wish there were more audio files.
Thank you,
Kim Bowman

As a frequent user of pianostreet.com I find it easy to navigate, great value for money and very professional. The pieces are all well-graded and the audio is really useful, especially for pieces not heard before. I have recommended the site to many of my friends who play the piano. Keep up the good work.
Llansannan, UK

You are well up at the top end for price and quality.
I live in the Netherlands and it is terribly expensive the subscription offers really good value for money.

I have found your website of enormous help in rebuilding my collection of classical piano music. In 2007 my home was flooded and unfortunately my 40 year collection of piano music was destroyed. Instead of going to many different stores and purchasing books of music, your website has provided me with the ability to search through each composer's repertoire and print out exactly what I need.

I have also found your website useful in looking up music to use in my music therapy through my work as a Mental Health Counselor. The mp3 downloads are wonderful as well as the history and tidbits of information you provide on the composers. Often times when searching for a particular piece of music I get sidetracked and find so many others, am able to listen to them then decide to download and learn them so this has enhanced my repertoire.

The new piano information you send in newsletters is something I look forward to receiving every month. I've recommended your website to many individuals. Thank you for your service.

Christine Myers

I am very satisfied with pianostreet.com.
I am now retired but enjoy performing at my music group Soires' every 6 weeks. I've exhausted my own library for new ideas so search though the composers to find something to download.
I print out one or two pages ...rush to the piano ....try it out. If I'm interested I check the complete work then copy it out. How good is that !!
So you see it's all rather self indulgent. I love searching for composers I'm not familiar with. The cost of albums in shops with unknown works is their index is daunting.
I don't have to get to a shop I just click on www.pianstreet.com

Cheers Sandra Jacka, Australia

I am absolutely delighted with the sheet music that I am able to download. Having it graded is a great help as well. I would like to have access to some australian composers also some more modern day english composers such as Fred Delius. I have recommended Pianostreet to all my musical colleages and they in turn are passing it on to their friends and students.
Yours faithfully
Carol Monks

Since becoming associated with pianostreet.com I have been very satisfied with the service it provides. I particularly appreciate the good selection and fine editing of music available for downloading, and find the price very reasonable. For these reasons alone I would recommend this website to my students and musical friends, but the information about the composers and the "newsy" information included are excellent "bonuses."
Congratulations on providing such a useful and high quality service.

Paul Crawford, PhD

My daughters play the piano, and I use Pianostreet to help them find music pieces to play and to listen to sample recordings. I really like the recordings and wished there were more to sample.

My daughter has inspired older girls to try more challenging pieces because of music chosen from Pianostreet that she has played at recitals. She has also used select pieces for competitions in A.I.M.


I recently lost some of my most precious sheet music through theft; and started doing intensive Internet searches in an attempt to get back most of my lost sheet music in electronic format. Out of all the sites surveyed, I enjoyed Pianostreet the most. The site offers all major and famous piano pieces for most of the key classical composers in a beautiful, indexed, easy-to-download format with a useful browse view of the first line.

The quality of the PDF files is outstanding (especially if compared with some other sites). I would like to recommend this site highly for anyone who wants to broaden his / her classical piano repertoire. The quality of the site, its layout, easy search facility, and repertoire offered compares very well with other excellent sites (eg SheetMusicArchive at $9.99 per month). I also enjoyed the additional educational information, and the difficulty rating attached to every published downloadable file.

Janis Myburgh
Johannesburg, South Africa

I find pianostreet really helpful as I am a piano teacher and have lost so much music in the past because I have lent it to pupils and it has gone missing, whereas I am happy to run off as many pieces as I need without losing lots of money (and music).
I find it very good value for money.


The membership price was my main objection before I recently signed up for a year. I compared pianostreet to another online resource and I was amazed at the huge selection of classical music that pianostreet offered. The other nice advantage is the music is downloaded so quickly and it is printed so clearly which makes it easy to read. I can make as many copies as I want without having to pay for them.

Also, there is music that I've found on pianostreet that I couldn't find elsewhere without spending money ordering it online.
I'm very happy to have become a member. I hope to use it often as a piano student.
For all that's offered as a member, the price is very reasonable.

Ann Casey

Loving the Piano Street collection – it's such a great resource. Saves me heaps of time in trips to libraries.
Writer and Editor, Australia

The sheet music, range of composers and their works are very good and very useful. I would recommend piano street.com as a library of online information for pianists of all categories and standards of playing.
Wishing you well,
Nottingham, UK

As a keen, but self-taught classical pianist who aims to practise every day and expand his knowledge of the huge piano repertoire, I have benefited immensely from PianoStreet’s online sheet music, recordings and critical debate.
I would not hesitate to recommend it to others, particularly those interested in the more theoretical and academic facets of pianism, but also those interested in getting to know others and exchanging views on repertoire, performance, artistes, instruments and composers etc. I have to admit that I have also taken advantage of other sites to download sheet music, some of which are free, but the quality is not as good as PS and the scans are sometimes badly formatted or simply not legible enough to enjoy playing from.
Tim Davies

I'm an "impulse player" by which I mean, when I hear something I love, I want to be able to start working on it immediately. The last piece that created this compelling urgency was Brahms' Intermezzo in A major, OP 118 NO 2 which came on just as I was pulling into a gas station last fall. No way could I have shopped for that piece, much less tolerated the wait to have it mailed to me, and I also had no choice but to continue on my scheduled trip.
But no matter! I rested secure in the knowledge that I could almost surely find it that afternoon on PianoStreet -- and start playing it within a couple of minutes of returning home.
Which I did.

If I download one or two things, the cost of the subscription is covered. The music is clear and easy to read, and I can get my hands on it instantly.

Fran Hendrick, PCC
Loveland, Ohio

I am a fond member of pianostreet.com, I am a student that is 71 years of age, therefore, I have a wide range of piano preferences. And you always seem to be able to find what I want. I am passing your address on to another mature student and recommend your site to anyone who plays. My favourite download was John Field.
Recommendations to anyone who needs sheet music for a really reasonable price.
Frances Langstroth

I think your website has so many interesting articles, music, video clips of wonderful players, that I wish I had more time to explore them all. I came across piano street when I was looking for duets, and it does make it easy to being able able to download music. Living in Australia makes buying music very expensive, and sometimes the choice wasn't good, and this way money is not wasted.

I am pianist, high school choral director, and piano instructor. I have found being a Gold member of piano street to be a very valuable and necessary tool not only to my classes but to my career as well. i love the feed back sections as well as the recordings of the repertoire.
Thanks for a great online source of learning materials and great music.
I plan to continue my membership for years to come.