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Clara Wieck-Schumann

Clara Wieck (1819-1896) was born in Leipzig, Germany. She studied piano with her father, and began touring Europe with him at about 12 years of age. Roughly at the same time Robert Schumann began to study with Mr. Wieck. Soon Clara was acknowledged as one of Europe’s leading virtuosos. She had fallen in love with Schumann, and in 1837 the couple became engaged. Mr. Wieck objected forcefully, and the subsequent marriage led to a complete break between Clara and her father. Clara and Robert, who were to have eight children together, at first lived in Leipzig, where both taught at the university. Clara’s career as a composer probably did not benefit from her marrying, but she had a couple of productive intervals, for example the summer of 1853, after the Schumanns had relocated to Düsseldorf, when she turned out some of her best works, including the Variations on a theme of Robert Schumann, Op. 20 and the Six Lieder, Op. 23. In the same year, she was first introduced to Johannes Brahms who was to become a most important person in her life. When Robert suffered a mental collapse, attempted suicide, and was committed to an asylum, Brahms gave up everything he was doing to assist Clara with all sorts of household duties. It has often been claimed that they were lovers – at any rate, they remained very close friends for the rest of their lives. She continued to teach and perform until the age of seventy-two, and died of a stroke five years later.

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