Isaac Albéniz
Cantos de España
Op. 232

About Isaac Albéniz's Cantos de España

Songs of Spain, published in 1892, is a set compiled from various piano pieces that Albéniz had written a few years previously. During the late 1880, the strong influence of Spanish style became evident in Albéniz's music. The Cantos de España is a perfect example of this, and of the pianistic innovations he used to saturate his music with the rhythms and melodies of Spanish folk dance and melody.
The Prelude has been made famous through an often played guitar transcription; Córdoba, featuring sonorities recalling early Debussy, is another one of the of the composer's most famous pieces, a portrait of the city in the form of an Andalusian dance.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
1. Prelude / Asturias Op. 232 No. 1  in G Minor by Albéniz piano sheet music AAB 1. Prelude / Asturias 24 G Minor 1892 8
2. Oriental Op. 232 No. 2  in D Minor by Albéniz piano sheet music AAC 2. Oriental 8 D Minor 1892 7
3. Bajo la palmera (Cuba) Op. 232 No. 3  in E-flat Major by Albéniz piano sheet music AAD 3. Bajo la palmera (Cuba) 11 E-flat Major 1892 7
4. Córdoba Op. 232 No. 4  by Albéniz piano sheet music AAE 4. Córdoba N/A 1892 7
5. Seguidillas Op. 232 No. 5  in F-sharp Major by Albéniz piano sheet music AAF 5. Seguidillas 19 F-sharp Major 1892 8+