Isaac Albéniz
Op. 165

About Isaac Albéniz's España

Composed during the apex of Albeniz’s concert career, España is one of Albeniz’s early efforts to write music inspired by Spanish culture, less well known than his later masterpiece Iberia.
The second piece, “Tango” is sometimes heard in Leopold Godowsky’s transcription.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
1. Preludio Op. 165 No. 1  by Albéniz piano sheet music AAB 1. Preludio N/A 1890 8+
2. Tango Op. 165 No. 2  by Albéniz piano sheet music AAC 2. Tango N/A 1890 7
3. Malagueña Op. 165 No. 3  by Albéniz piano sheet music AAD 3. Malagueña N/A 1890 8+
4. Serenata Op. 165 No. 4  by Albéniz piano sheet music AAE 4. Serenata N/A 1890 8+
5. Capricho Catalán Op. 165 No. 5  by Albéniz piano sheet music AAF 5. Capricho Catalán N/A 1890 8+
6. Zortzico Op. 165 No. 6  by Albéniz piano sheet music AAG 6. Zortzico N/A 1890 8+

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