Johann Sebastian Bach
English Suites

About Johann Sebastian Bach's English Suites

This is the earliest of Bach’s sets of keyboard suites, probably written during his time in Weimar.
The name is mysterious and somewhat misleading, since the works have no affinity with English keyboard music: they could even be described as more French in style than the French Suites. However, a manuscript copy described the work as “fait pour les Anglais” (made for the English).
Bach’s 19th-century biographer Forkel speculated that they were commissioned by an English nobleman, others have contended that Bach was emulating the keyboard suites of Handel or Dieupart, both of whom worked in England.
On a larger scale than the their “French” equivalents, the English Suites all begin with a Prelude.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
English Suite 1 BWV 806  in A Major by Bach piano sheet music AAB English Suite 1 BWV 80629 A Major 1722 8+
English Suite 2 BWV 807  in A Minor by Bach piano sheet music AAC English Suite 2 BWV 80730 A Minor 1722 8+
English Suite 3 BWV 808  in G Minor by Bach piano sheet music AAD English Suite 3 BWV 80824 G Minor 1722 8+
English Suite 4 BWV 809  in F Major by Bach piano sheet music AAE English Suite 4 BWV 80917 F Major 1722 8+
English Suite 5 BWV 810  in E Minor by Bach piano sheet music AAF English Suite 5 BWV 81014 E Minor 1722 8+
English Suite 6 BWV 811  in D Minor by Bach piano sheet music AAG English Suite 6 BWV 8118 D Minor 1722 8+

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