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About Johann Sebastian Bach's Partitas

This is the last of Bach’s sets of keyboard suites, written in Leipzig. They were published singly beginning in 1726.
A new partita appeared each year thereafter until 1731, when the whole collection was issued under the name of Clavierübung I.
Like the English Suites, the Partitas all begin with a prelude of some sort; however, while in the earlier collection this is always a ritornello-type movement (except in the first suite), the first movements of the partitas are in various forms: a fantasia, an ouverture, a toccata etc.
Despite the fact that he had already composed hundreds of cantatas, the Well-Tempered Clavier, the great Passions and many other works, the Partitas were Bach´s first published body of works.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
Partita 1 BWV 825  in B-flat Major by Bach piano sheet music AAB Partita 1 BWV 82533 B-flat Major 1731 8+
Partita 2 BWV 826  in C Minor by Bach piano sheet music AAC Partita 2 BWV 8262 C Minor 1731 8+
Partita 3 BWV 827  in A Minor by Bach piano sheet music AAD Partita 3 BWV 82730 A Minor 1731 8+
Partita 4 BWV 828  in D Major by Bach piano sheet music AAE Partita 4 BWV 8287 D Major 1731 8+
Partita 5 BWV 829  in G Major by Bach piano sheet music AAF Partita 5 BWV 82923 G Major 1731 8+
Partita 6 BWV 830  in E Minor by Bach piano sheet music AAG Partita 6 BWV 83014 E Minor 1731 8+

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