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10 Years Anniversary at Piano Street

On September 21 2001 Piano Street’s forum opened its online doors and we are now celebrating the 10th anniversary!

Snapshot of the pianoforum.net website in October 2001 (Still no posts in the Teaching category...)

The pianoforum.net website in October 2001 (still no posts in the Teaching category...)

One of many reasons for the successful start back in 2001 was our very first print advertisement: a quarter page in the renowned magazine “International Piano”.
It is therefore a great pleasure to announce that, at the 10 years mark we close the circle and thanks to a unique deal with Rhinegold Publishing, we are able to offer a very special celebration gift in form of a 12 month digital subscription to International Piano for all of Piano Street Gold members!

Please join the celebration by posting a comment and sharing your thoughts about Piano Street!

What do you expect Piano Street to be like in ten years from now?
The most interesting and visionary forecast posted before October 21, will be rewarded with a 10 Years Gold Membership!
Update 31 Oct: Congratulations to Esther, who receives the 10 Year Gold membership!


  1. liquidvibr Says:


    Quick question: where would one find the gift pack after subscribing?

  2. nilsjohan Says:

    The gift package appears below the Gold member features on the “my account”-page.

  3. Debora Says:

    Wow, 10 years! Congratulation!
    Piano Street is a great inspiration for me. Keep up the great work!

  4. Scorbi Says:

    You started 10 years ago an I’ll started this year to learn playing the piano.
    Piano Street is a great inspiration for me and I can find a lot of stuff to practice.

    Thanks a lot for your great work!

  5. Ben Carson Says:

    What a surprise to get these gifts! Thanks!
    I have used pianostreet for many years, looking forward to following the development of the site.

  6. José L P Villela Says:


    Piano Street’s is very important to me. I always connect and listen the classical pieces and greatest pianists. I´m sure that it will remain forever!

  7. Svetlana Says:

    Best wishes for great success for many more decades!
    What exactly will Piano Street be like in ten years from now? I don’t know, but probably still a great inspiration for all of us piano music lovers. I am excited to think about what new areas and functionalities may be added next. Thanks and congratulations!

  8. imozika Says:

    wooow! i really enjoy the way pianostreet celebrates its anniversary:

    reminding/motivating/involving piano music lovers deepening their knowledge and joy to playing piano.

    congratulations for your anniversary, congratulations for your genius!

  9. Iwo Says:

    Congratulations and best wishes!

  10. Rv Dupuis-Slota Says:

    immense richesse qu’est le répertoire pour piano et grâce à vous accessible tellement facilement par le web!…Voilà l’exemplaire réussite d’un mariage heureux entre technique et art!…à suivre donc!…Bien à vous Rv

  11. zoe Says:

    thank you so much for this site, you have helped and inspired me and im sure many others in these past 10 years – congratulations and keep it up! :)

  12. Minja Kolak Says:

    Congratulations for your anniversary and best wishes for the best site ever!

  13. Agnès F. Says:

    Congratulations! And may there be many more anniversaries to come!

    I hope pianostreet will continue to grow – I am quite sure it will. In 10 years from now, I would expect to find just anything that has ever been published – and who knows – is to be published for the piano. Maybe also a separate portion with a list (preferably with excerpts) of books about pianism and piano technique. I would especially expect technology to develop in such a way, that we would have a large (affordable) 2-page wide screen (tablet?) on our piano, with the score on it, that turns the pages as we proceed, and where our annotations with a stick would be recorded by a sort of touch screen. With an internet connection of course, so one can directly browse the Pianostreet database from the piano. The technology exists already, it just needs to be made affordable.

  14. Barb G Says:

    Congratulations and best wishes!

  15. Alex H. Says:

    amazing site!

  16. missfive Says:

    10 years have been wasted on not having “Piano Street” with me! It is my luck to find you lately! I am amazed by your friendliness and warmth. It is you who make me in love with music again! For my lifetime, I would love you always and would be kind to you! And hope you would also do your best to promote music everywhere!!!!!!……to my love!

  17. Sylvia Says:

    I came across piano street while surfing the web for classical music. As a piano teacher in a low income school, you have helped me tremendously! Thank you and may you have many more anniversaries!

  18. C.Ray Howard Says:

    The Piano Street web pages are best SITE reading ever.

  19. Jennifer Says:

    Congratulations on your milestone! In 10 years, I imagine Piano Street will have gained even more popularity in the classical music world. Because of this, hopefully you will have more star power to interview more of the world’s leading classical musicians! Looking forward to 10 more years of enlightenment from your pages.

  20. John Speight Says:

    I’ve just discovered piano playing and I’ve just discovered Piano Street. I think Piano Street could be the key to better piano playing.
    Great site!

  21. Juan David Says:

    Well, I think that this is a very succesfull project, it has been very useful in our learning. I live in Colombia, and here all know about your web page, and I think that in 10 years, you will be a very especial company, helping and guiding to others in the process of learn to play the piano.

    Congratulations PianoStreet by this 10 years, may God bless your work!!

    From Colombia!!

  22. Juan David Says:

    And sorry for my English :) happy anniversary!!!!!

  23. Xochiquetzatl Says:

    A lot of Congratulations from Mexico. Thanks for making easier to get in contact with people who also love pianos!!!!
    Hope you can continue for a lot of years!

  24. Elizabeth Says:

    I love the site! I can now find old favourites without buying an expensive book of lots of songs which I already have, and it is all legitimate!

  25. Evie M. Says:

    Congratulations on 10 years!! Love this site, the articles are great and the blog is looking good, keep up the good work.

    As for what to expect in 10 years time, that is a good question… technology moves so fast its hard to envisage 10 years time, but perhaps an interactive site which allows members to showcase their talents by uploading clips of their own performances, or sheets of thier own compositions? Or how about a site that allows users to have online jam sessions or participate in live tutorials via webcam…??

  26. Paul SMOES Says:

    Piano street the site you may not miss

  27. Yixin Says:

    In 10 years, I hope piano street will contain the sheet music of all the sheet music for piano. And if not then people can leave a comment on the music they hope to have, and piano street will be able to find it.

  28. Peter Says:

    Congratulations on 10 years! This site is a great way for not only pianist but all musicians to connect.

  29. Chips Says:

    Congratulations! May you keep growing so that we can have access to almost all piano music and sheet music!!!

  30. Esther Says:

    I love Piano Street the way it is right now but as things are constantly improving due to technological innovations, I believe Piano Street will keep improving in the way it has for the past couple of years.

    Ten years from now, I believe that Piano Street will become much more widespread. With more technological innovations as I have mentioned, there might be a video chat page where people are discussing how the dynamics of a piece should be played while having the sheet music printed from Piano Street. There will be a recommendations page for the user upon logging in to the website based on the sheet music that has been searched up by the member, a sidebar telling the pieces that have been most recently downloaded/printed, maybe interactive music scores where you can click on the note/chord and it will sound it out for you, and a verbal description of the piece when you are about to download/print it so that you can get some background information about how the composer felt when composing the piece, what was going on during this era…

    Overall, I love Piano Street so much and I hope to see it be able to expand and make great changes over the course of the next ten years!!!

  31. vlegga Says:

    Am celebrating with you my return to playing the piano after 10yrs. Thanks to you I plucked up courage to continue. Many thanks and good luck for a lot more years to come!

    A very interesting and helpful site… it’s just the IDEAL COMPANION to you and to your piano.!!

  32. gbaughbe Says:

    What a terrific find, and thanks for the anniversary gifts! In 10 years, I figure to see a tremendous growth in available scores, hopefully a really wide collection of autograph scores, and definitely a wider collection of lesser known works. Hope to see a two-page view that can be scrolled through on piano, or even a side-by-side view of sheet music next to the autograph for study.

  33. Juan David Says:

    In 10 years I hope that Piano Street is a page with all the scores for piano, what do you think about concerts online?

  34. Kam Ngan Says:

    How about complete scores for some popular piano concertos?
    If not possible due to copyright issues, you can still offer online display of such scores with no download capabilities, so that we can scroll down the piece while listening to it.
    Better still if we can play a piece of concerto from the site with the complete score sync’ed on display — we may be able to play ‘conducting’ in front of a mirror, a kind of fun.

  35. Cassle Says:

    Most pianist at developing countries (especially my country: Indonesia), didn’t have the access to complete database of music sheets. We could only access a few sets of popular music sheets which also available in a very expensive price. Luckily, I found Pianostreet years ago. Pianostreet helps me to know various composers and pick the ones that are suitable for my skill. Happy 10th Anniversary, Pianostreet! Thank you for all you have done to encourage all pianists around the world!

  36. Fulvio Says:

    Hi, is the fist time I visit pianostreet, and (excuse me!) my English isn’t very good…
    I hope that pianostreet’s website is useful for my soon Leonardo. He is a very young pianist, you can visit his websute here: leonardocolafelice.it
    My soon is alway interested for piano competitions. I hope pianostreet can help him to find it.
    Another problem is to find music sheet. I hope that pianostreet increments his music sheets.
    Thank you!

  37. Ivan Peshev Says:

    My oppinion is that this site is the best I saw. There is everithing one pianist may need – scores including author’s manuscripts, video performances, discussions and also important is that Gold Membership (for unlimited access) is not expensive.
    I will continue use it in the future. Hope it will be and remain the one which provides the most updated piano information in the world and having the biggest database of scores and manuscripts – these two things are most important I think.

  38. Judith Bush Says:

    Congratulations! Four years ago I started taking piano lessons – again – after a 40 year hiatus, and after retirement. I’m with my piano teacher from back then. When I started accessing Piano Street, I turned him onto it. He is now a performance doctoral student.. Piano Street has enriched my musical life so much. Thank you!

  39. Vincent Lanaria Says:


    Piano Street is a very important website to me, It is very informative and there are lots of kind people who will give you their time to answer questions you may have. This website was a really great idea, people from all over the world can share ideas and converse with each other. Kudos!

  40. coliflor Says:

    Happy Birthday! A very good site that always brings intresting information, manuscript scores, and much more.
    Congratulations from uruguay

  41. Victor de Oliveira Asfora Says:

    Congratulations and best wishes for my beloved site ;)

  42. Silvano A. Pagliuca-Mena Says:

    Tenéis un excelente sitio, espero que siga con esta calidad.

  43. Margaret Says:

    I’m kind of an instant gratification kind of person and when I hear a piece I want to play it’s nice to be able to get it instantly.

    In 10 years (or less I hope) having an app to download to an electronic reader (and player) would be great. Musicnotes type interactive scores that play and also have a music stand functionality. Like the current iPad Scorch app.

  44. Sarah Vitale Says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Here’s to another 10 years!

  45. Sarah Says:

    Congratulations on the 10th anniversary! I’m a newbie on this website. I was looking for a valuable source that people can exchange their ideas on piano practicing and performances as I am a piano enthusiast. I became a silver member for the first time and then found out that Pianostreet appeared to be a very good website that I can search all the discussions. I was also curious about all the scores that I heard the name only. Here I am! I joined a gold membership a few days ago and I have been very satisfied with the way how Pianostreet organized all scores with detailed information. I will keep exploring the Pianostreet. I wish that everyone who visits on this website has a good experience.

  46. Vivian Says:

    It is so difficult to find a website with hundreds of amazing classical music, but because of this offer, I manage to download the pieces I couldn’t open before with the silver membership. This is the gift that is truly worth receiving and I will recommend to anyone who’s greatly passionate with music. Thank you, Piano Street members for offering me such a wonderful offer of $1 Gold Membership and Congratulations for the 10 year Anniversary!!!!!!!! =D

  47. Donna Dallman Says:

    As I stand upon the mountain’s edge, I survey the vastness of the desert below me. At dusk, my eyes are drawn toward the horizon where I see a tiny light that is dim, yet pulsating.
    Alas, it is far far away, but my eyes can not turn away.
    Hope remains in the stillness of my being – the hope to find the magic light that brings the music! Could this pale light be the magic I am looking for?
    As darkness grows around me, I see the light begin to grow into a brilliant shining star that shoots across the sky.
    It is glorious! It is profound!
    As the starlight draws near – I witness notes of all shapes dancing around me – thousands of notes on thousands of pages, and the notes are vibrant and alive, containing all of the magic I am seeking! I fear my heart will leap from my chest and join these dancing notes that carry the melody that I have searched for so diligently!
    At last I see the name of this magic – this wonder – the magnificence of it all – and the name is:
    WOW! Glad I finally found you!

  48. Manos Says:

    Happy 10th Anniversary Piano Street!!! I hope all the best and most of all to continue to promote and support the piano music in the decades to come… You are doing an exceptional job!!!

  49. Alexxander Dennis Says:

    It’s hard to imagine a great deal more being done with this site, seeing as though so much is covered so professionally; so the change in 10 years would have to primarily lie in technology for the most part.
    I can see portable keyboards hooked up to our computers, and with capability from this PianoStreet, one could USB connect and practice a direct tutorial. Many settings would be allowed (such if missed notes should restart the section or not), perhaps a computorized instructor to tell basic teachings, and a play-along feature to determine accuracy.
    Since video sheet music is a new feature as of now, within 10 years it will be well developed. I would like to see the notes that are played at the time to light up. It would be easier to follow. Also, maybe many warmup techniques or helpful tips could be recorded on video by a suitable spokesperson/ instructor, to where they can be right there with you, instead of reading. On the subject, video instructors via webcams could be hired and this site could also be a global piano teacher.
    As for musical database, I would LOVE to see more “out-there” sheet music displayed. I’ve grown up learning videogame sheet music and it has helped me greatly as how difficult it is and how different the skills are. Other websites I use grab my attention daily with those kinds of sheets, and if this website rendered such music, this site would be all I needed. Of course, in 10 years, Mario would be even OLDER, but I still think classical game music will never die. They’re masterpieces as well.
    One more thing: maybe monthly competitions could be held, maybe catagorized in age groups, to play a select catagory of pieces or works via video. The prize could be small, but worth it. Competition and “showing off” is a great form of inspiration. Runner-ups could be displayed and so on. Perhaps even those who have created their own pieces. There could be an originality competition. PianoStreet could become more social, if you will. Just a thought –


  50. Paladin Says:

    It is very nice that you have put so much classical music on-line. Also, encouraging composers to post and have their work viewed and played by your subscribers.

    It would be nice to see more exercises etc. for daily practice and drills. Just my own opinion and suggestion.

  51. Vassiliki Says:

    Happy Anniversary! You’ve created a wonderful, complete site with everything a pianist wants. For me, you’ve done a beautiful job;)

  52. rupestre Says:


  53. Cliff Says:

    Well done, and thank you for such a great gift. I have, until now, only lurked on the forum, but have found so much help and encouragement from this website. I started learning the piano at 63 years of age – not easy, but made easier with many of the comments and discussions and other links found on Piano Street.

    Thank you.

  54. Barb G Says:

    Thanks very much! Enjoying this site.

  55. Leslie Denning Says:

    I have enjoyed watching the growth of Piano Street. I think I have been a member for about 4 years. I would love to be able to play through all the music on your site, but I don’t think I’ll live that long, especially since you keep adding new stuff. I’ve subscribed to several music sites, but this is the only one I keep renewing. Thanks for the anniversary gifts, and here’s to another 10 years!

    Wishing you a song in your heart,
    Miss Leslie @ Music with Miss Leslie.com

  56. Josh Says:

    Thank you very much! & Happy Anniversary!

    This is amazing as you have been there for me and my passion =D

  57. Natale Says:

    Has it been 10 years! Congratulations! I can image that it 10 more years your site will be even more interactive and visual. PIANOSTREET would possibly allow new piano composers to share their compositions and get feedback from other members and the number of works available to members will continue to grow.

  58. José Luis González Says:

    Congratulations, Piano Street! You’ve done a wonderful job during the last 10 years.
    So the question is where to go from this point. I’d like to see more material on piano technique. Perhaps Piano Street will create resources to help students and teacher to better tap the rich piano library it has to offer. For instnce, Piano Street can create “courses” targetting specific piano/musical skills (velocity, pedal, rubato, dynamics…); the courses will tell the student which pieces from the library to play, in which order, and will provide recommendations.
    At any rate, it’s for sure that Piano Street’s library will continue to grow with its usual quality, as more pieces enter the public domain.
    So, thank you very much, Piano Street. Keep it up; you’re doing a great service to music!

  59. HappyPianoGirl Says:

    Piano Street is definitely one site to recommend to musicians! It’s so convenient! :)

  60. LGR Says:


  61. Miriam Choi Says:

    I was so happy to discover Piano Street just nearly a year ago, never thought about a website catering for pianists with so much to offer.
    Reading the articles were so fascinating, broaden my knowledge of music more than ever before. The availability of the sheet music is wonderful and handy, specially when it’s from Urtext edition. You have the best website with everything that any pianist could wish for.
    May I suggest to include some sheet music of composers from the 20th century onwards, and if available in audio would be great.
    Thank you for the gifts, very useful. Congratulations for doing such an amazing website.

  62. David Says:

    Just discovered u guys and already downloaded some great sheets.
    tnx and keep up

  63. Viv Says:

    Congratulation on your 10th Anniversary! Many thanks for bringing online all the joyful events, exciting monthly news, professional sheet music, introductions of ebooks, etc. that had expanded my professionalism and enriched my personal life. Now, I have more opportunities to see e-concerts and piano-related e-movies/e-films which I would never find before signing up with Piano Street — a well-rounded site for all pianists. In ten years from now and beyond, I would imagine that Piano Street will strive to apply state-of-the-art technologies to bring us many more joyful events and unpredictable excitements; please keep them coming for years ahead.

  64. Jim Gall Says:

    I have been a Gold Member for only a short period but my congrats to you are genuinely heartfelt because of this. I am resuming piano as a 60 year old and the feedback and assistance I have had from Piano Street’s forum has solved my many issues and single handedly turned my playing and technique around totally. What more can anyone say. Thanks a million PIANO STREET.

  65. Tammy Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful piano music~ This site is great

  66. Yousif Al-Mudhaf Says:

    Congratulations!! Wish you the best!!

  67. Martijn Tromm Says:

    The muze measured in a sheet
    Makes the melody of Pianostreet!

  68. Yingying Chen Says:

    This website is really cool. I was looking for sheet music here and there. But this website can give us a lot of free download, and also easy to use on my mobile devices.

  69. AdC Says:

    “Without PianoStreet music interaction would be a mistake.”
    Happy Anniversary!

  70. Jose Luis J Says:


    this is my first year with Piano Street and ithas been very useful. As a piano student you can find lots of information, not only sheets, and this is great.

    For the next 10 years I expect you increase the number of sheets available and some interactivity (video, tutorials, …)

  71. Elizabeth Spiteri Says:

    Thank you pianostreet for all the help. It has been a valueable asset for myself and my students in their musical discovery! Congrats from the Norway, birthplace of Edward Greig!!


  72. Juan Says:

    Congratulations for this tenth anniversary!
    As a piano student, its very useful for me to have lots of scores classified by level.
    I miss some section with videos of piano lessons and useful hints from experienced players.
    I would also love more video concerts like Rachmaninov’s 3rd piano concert you offered some time ago.
    Add the Ravel piano concert in G to the wish list.

  73. Thorstein Holgersen Says:

    Congrats !!!
    Great content

  74. Kelly Bunker Says:

    Congrats on Ten years! Thanks for the $1 trial membership.

  75. Jun Seok Cha Says:

    Very Truly…. Congratulations on 10th Anniversary!!! I am a music lover…especially piano music…and it was a real good luck for me to know this site…I had a tremendous help through this web site…whenever I need a score, it was right there…I sincerely wish that this blog site can give a real help to all piano music lovers!!! Thanks and Good Luck !!!

  76. Hinsley Baptiste Says:

    Thanks for 10 Years of sterling service to the piano community worldwide.
    May you see many more.

  77. Evelyne Says:

    May you have many more years to come and Thank You for the pass 10yrs.

  78. Ubong Says:

    Congrats on your 10th anniversary!

    Best wishes for many anniversaries to come.

    Pls how can I still obtain copies of your celebration packages. Even if it means purchasing them.


  79. Selim M'rad Says:

    I’m attached to this site , it helped me when i speak to others and share informations . Congratulation onyour 10th anniversary =D . I expect that you will boost this site 10 years later .. I’m Sure . However , I hope that you make an explication ( Thèse ) , interpretation of pieces like : Why Chopin composed Etude No…. and Why Did he do the first part Forte and the other piano !!! it’s really important to understand music before playing it :D thanks !!!

    Have a happy new year !!

  80. Darin Kovacich Says:

    An incredibly nice blog you have got here. I like your typing style and it’s very informative posts, I’ll come back here again!

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