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13 Easy Pieces by Beethoven and Gurlitt

November 25th, 2016 in Piano Street Site News by | 2 comments

Ludwig van Beethoven wrote a large number of easy dance pieces for piano. These pieces often remained unpublished; when this is the case they are catalogued as “WoO” (Werke ohne Opuszahl), “works without opus numbers”. For the piano student, these pieces are of course of great value. They offer the opportunity to get a taste of Beethoven’s piano writing, and can function as a preparation for larger works like sonatinas and variations.

Cornelius Gurlitt was perhaps a lesser genius than Beethoven, but a genius nevertheless. His particular talent was to write extremely useful teaching pieces for piano, the best of which are also very beautiful, imaginative and fun to play, and have been used by generations of piano teachers.

Piano Street now adds scores and recordings of six pieces by Beethoven and seven pieces by Gurlitt to our catalogue of easy and intermediate pieces. Click the score previews below to hear recordings and download the sheet music.

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Ludwig van Beethoven – 6 new pieces

German Dance, WoO 13 no 6

Ecossaise, WoO 23

German Dance, WoO 42 no 1

German Dance, WoO 42 no 2

German Dance, WoO 42 no 4

Russian Folk Song, op 107 no 7

Cornelius Gurlitt – 7 new pieces

Little Waltz, opus 82, no 18

Night Journey, opus 82, no 65

The Chase, opus 117, no 15

The Return, op 117, no 24

In the Garden, op 140 no 4

Rose Rock, op 205 no 8

A Little Flower, op 205, no 11


  • Manish Pandya says:

    I am glad to get 13 scores. Great to go with.

  • Neville R Mison says:

    This has been a really interesting news item. I knew not a lot about
    Cornelius Gurlitt’s work. and this page has been, to me well worth while. Congratulations.

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