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August 29th, 2013 in Piano Street Site News by | 3 comments

Following a recent discussion on the forum regarding whether or not to allow announcements of piano competitions, masterclasses and recitals, we have decided to open two new sub boards of the Miscellaneous section in order to provide room for relevant and non-commercial advertisements.



In line with Piano Street’s mission to stimulate and promote live piano music performances, all members are welcome to post announcements and invitations to their upcoming piano recitals. While the global coverage of our member base will often make distance an issue if you want to attend a fellow member’s recital, the 6.000+ daily unique visitor to pianostreet.com might hopefully lead to a few more people in the audience.



The event board is open for members and organization managers to post information about piano competitions, masterclasses, courses and other piano related events.

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  • Daniel Dunn says:

    Sadly I am one of the last accomplished pianists in my area ,
    except for some visiting pianists from the orient ,
    Piano lessons are fast becoming ” a thing of the past ” .
    Except for assisted living residents , no one seems to care what
    I do …. very few , except the very cultured foreign residents ,
    even begin to appreciate the beauty of the fine concert grand piano .

    Daniel Dunn

  • Daniel Dunn says:

    The fact that there are no announcements of recitals on this blog is
    proof that very few people really care about the “fine concert grand
    piano ” On September the 17th I played Vimar Concerto , Warsaw
    Concerto and other classical works for my 50th High School Class
    Reunion , and they were outstanding presentations .
    Because I live in Massillon Ohio (a culturally bankrupt community ) ,
    no one really cared …. still , I continue to beat my head against the
    wall . Do you know who is purchasing all the fine grand pianos in
    the U.S. ? – People from China , Japan and Korea . Hopefully ,
    we will see more and more of these people come to America .

  • Daniel Dunn says:

    Regretfully , I am a member of ” the last ” of the piano generation .
    When I started taking piano lessons 62 years ago , I could have never imagined what I see today …. even my own grandchildren could
    care less about what I do …. they do not even know of anyone who
    plays the piano ….. I am finished here !

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