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Gabriel Fauré’s Piano Music

October 21st, 2009 in Piano Street Site News by | 3 comments

Gabriel Fauré is considered one of the most influential and gifted French composers of the late romantic and early 20th century period.

His early compositions, influenced by Chopin and his teacher Saint-Saënt, are of very romantic character while he later developed a more personal and harmonically complex musical style. The Nocturnes for example were composed over a range of 45 years and clearly reflect this developement.
The Waltz-Caprices are composed in a romantic virtuoso style and offer a profusion of fresh, charming melodies and the Barcarolles are certainly the most impressive collection of Barcarolles in the history of classical music.

43 of his most well known piano pieces have been added to the Piano Street sheet music library.

12 Nocturnes
12 Barcarolles
9 Preludes
5 Impromptus
4 Waltz-Caprices
Ballade, Opus 19

Marguerite Long plays Fauré Nocturne no 4 in E-flat:

Free sheet music:
Fauré Nocturne for piano, sheet music

An articel by George Stephen Murray about how composer Fauré’s and pianist Long’s careers worked together:
Gabriel Fauré’s and Marguerite Long

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  • Piano Tips says:

    First of all, that portrait of him looks nice :-) I just had to say. I am a big fan of Gabriel Fauré. He’s a genius.

  • Barbara says:

    Thank you for introducing me to Gabriel Faure. Since from childhood I’ve enjoyed piano compositions from the Romantic period, I will definitely look him up.

  • Treasan says:

    I am playing one of his songs right now on piano. It’s called Dolly Suite, it is really a terrific piece.

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