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New Bach Recordings – Two Preludes and Fugues

June 24th, 2010 in Piano Street Site News by | 4 comments

A new instalment of two Preludes and Fugues from Bach’s WTC I, performed by Martin Sturfält, has been published today; the joyous and energetic C-sharp major set (which must surely be one of the most difficult to read on account of the extreme choice of key – seven sharps – taking you through keys such as B-sharp and E-sharp major!) and the simply remarkable work in B minor.

The prelude has received a wide range of interpretations in terms of tempo and articulation and also asks for an imaginative approach to the sensitive subject of ornamentation. The Fugue stands out as one of the most monumental among the 48, not least due to its length but also with its theme using all twelve pitch classes, thereby foreshadowing Arnold Schoenberg by some 180 years!

Prelude & Fugue in C-sharp Major, BWV 848:

Prelude & Fugue in B Minor, BWV 869:

As a free sample, we are happy to share with you the recording of the Prelude in C-sharp Major from Book 1:

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(click play button twice to start)

Another free sample recording and Urtext score is available here:
New Bach Project Takes Off from the Street: Recording the 48

“Project page:
“Recording the 48″ – Preludes and Fugues by Bach

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  • Neil Saunders says:

    You need a solid basic technique to play this prelude, but it’s not especially difficult either to play or read (it’s actually a delightful two-part invention). In some ways a key like C sharp major is EASY to read, because you know in advance that every diatonic note within the key is sharp. Once you’ve grasped this, the double sharps don’t really present any great difficulty. The fugue IS a bit of a beast, but again it’s lovely to play.

  • dan says:

    it is a very good recording, also the quality of the sound is perfect because it’s palyed so nice that each note sounds whit especific energy that it must have,

  • Helen Robinson says:

    Beautiful – wish I could play like this!

  • Mo says:

    Wonderful! Feel full of contempment

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