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200+ Pieces Added to Piano Street’s Sheet Music Library

December 12th, 2019 in Piano Street Site News by | 2 comments

As you all know, the classical piano repertoire is endless. As a consequence, there is no end to our efforts to render the Piano Street sheet music library more and more complete. In recent months, we’ve added a large number of pieces by some of the greatest composers – Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Debussy, and Grieg. Some of these pieces are well-known masterpieces, others may be new acquaintances.

In our quest for completeness, an obvious place to start is the various collections belonging to the core repertoire. For example, it can be hard to know the exact point when you’ve published Chopin’s complete works – how many sketches, variants, or unpublished manuscripts should this include? But important milestones can be reached on the way – after adding several posthumous waltzes, mazurkas and polonaises, as well as the “Three New Etudes” and a number of other pieces, our Chopin library is, for all practical purposes, complete. (Although we would be happy to hear from knowledgeable readers about suggested further additions!)

Other significant new scores on Piano Street include Beethoven’s popular showpiece The Rage Over a Lost Penny, Mozart’s beautiful Adagio in B minor K. 540, Brahms’ Second Piano Concerto, many of Grieg’s Norwegian folk tunes and dances, and several Debussy works, composed or arranged for two pianos (En blanc et noir, Lindaraja, La mer etc).

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Two free scores to download

Today we are making two of these newly published scores available to download for free (with Silver membership).

A song by Chopin
Wiosna (Spring) is Chopin’s arrangement of one of his own songs, a setting of a poem by the composer’s friend Stefan Witwicki. This is one of our PS Instructive Editions, with extensive instructions, a “Practice Guide” and “Practice Score”.

Debussy’s very last piano piece
The other piece we would like to share with you is Debussy’s very last work for piano, Les soirs illuminés par l’ardeur du charbon, discovered as late as in 2001. During the harsh wartime winter of 1916-17, Debussy’s coal merchant managed to divert scarce supplies of fuel to the Debussy household. As thanks, he received the beautifully written manuscript of this piece.


  • Jill Galna (Janelle) says:

    Many thanks. I really appreciate these pieces.

  • Mary Rao says:

    Thanks for sharing “Sleigh Ride” by the 5 Browns…440 keys.

    Simply exhilarating

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