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Scarlatti – Popular Keyboard Sonatas

What Scarlatti is most prominently remembered for are the 555 short keyboard sonatas originally labelled Essercizi (Exercises). When he died in Madrid, Scarlatti left this treasury of manuscripts, which were largely unplayed beyond Spain and Portugal until pianist Carl Czerny published a selection of the sonatas in 1839.

34 of the most popular sonatas have been added to Piano Street’s sheet music library which now contains 192 of the sonatas by Scarlatti.

Here is one of the most well-known, Sonata K 380 in E Major, performed by Vladimir Horowitz in Moscow 1986:

Sheet music to download:


  1. brian troy Says:

    What a delight to see such a marvellous old gentleman play so effortlessly and so beautifully and with such feeling both for the music and the instrument
    One of the greatest pianists

  2. Julio Says:

    So beautiful master piece.
    And the old gentleman playing so softly.

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