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Watch the Chopin Competition With Us!

October 8th, 2021 in Piano Street Site News by | 9 comments

With the 18th International Chopin Competition entering its Second Stage, Piano Street presents a new version of its popular tool (first presented during the 2010 Competition) for navigating the hundreds of great performances taking place during the event. Use our list of pieces and pianists to find and compare your personal favorites among this year’s 160 contestants.

Thanks to the competition’s streaming in professional 4K quality, the event truly has a global reach. The most watched 4-hour session of the First Stage has soon reached half a million views. Obviously, there are countless Chopin lovers in many corners of the world who would never miss the chance to listen to Chopin’s music in this context, played by some of today’s most talented young performers – with the added excitement of trying to discern who could be a worthy winner of this the most prestigious of competitions.

At Piano Street, we wanted to contribute something that could make it even more fun and interesting to navigate among the pieces performed in the competition. If you watched a few Stage I performances, you’ll have noticed that some pieces are extremely popular among the contestants. Most popular of all were the Ballade in F minor, and the Etude Op. 25 No. 6 – each of them was played as many as 18 times!

We created a page where we will continually publish a list of all performances, with links to the videos on the Chopin Institute’s Youtube page, as well as links to Chopin’s scores on Piano Street. The list can be sorted according to piece, opus number, performer, in what stage and even on what instrument it was performed (the contestants have six different concert grands to chose from). Using this tool, you can quickly find the pieces or pianists that interest you the most and just go on from there!

You find the Chopin Competition tool here >>

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  • Piotr says:

    Great job with the table!

    Just two minor notes about:

    1) (the contestants have six different concert grands to chose from)
    In original transmission there was typo, only five instruments are to pick from. (typo is for one from the pair: Fazioli 308 and Fazioli F278, cant help unfortunately which one is used)

    2) performers were allowed to switch instruments between 1st and 2nd run, e.g.
    – Nikolay Khozyainov (Polonez As-dur op. 53; etap II)
    ETAP II Polonez As-dur op. 53 Steinway, nr ser. 611479
    Nikolay used d300 in first round.


  • Donald Wright says:

    Dear Piano Street,

    I noted with interest your tool for locating all the performances in the Chopin Piano Competition held this month. However, I noticed a mistake in the listing of Nikolay Khozyainov’s instruments: The tool states that he played the Steinway ending in 300 in both Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the competition. This is not correct: he switched to the Steinway ending in 479 for Round 2, as the announcer stated at the beginning of his second round. (That was a surprise to me too, because it was stated earlier in the competition that pianists had to stick with an instrument throughout.)

  • nilsjohan says:

    Thanks Donald and thanks Piotr for spotting this crucial detail!
    We built the database assuming that the participants were not allowed to switch instruments between rounds, but will ammend the tool in the next update in order to take this into account.

    Piano Street

  • Jan says:

    More about Piotr info:
    1. Only one Fazioli was used in competition – F278
    2. By the decision of the director of competition pianists are able to change the piano before each stage but they can’t try the instrument. As far only Khozayinov changed D300 to D479.

  • Andrzejek says:

    Great tool, thanks so much! This competition is the pride of my home country. No other country can boast of such a competition!

  • Magdalena says:

    Wonderful contest this year. Wonderful contestants. Ahh, heavenly Chopin…

  • Heather L. says:

    I love that we can easily be anywhere in the world and enjoy the talent the world has to offer. I am not really big into new technology but live streaming and 4k viewing has been a blessing to us fans!

  • Amber S. says:

    I am still very new to piano and still taking lessons. I wish I had started in my younger years but it is never too late! I would love to someday be able to play on something like this. I know I will never be able to afford it but I will consider it an achievement just to have played a short song on one. Amazing stuff!

  • Roberto says:

    Thank you very much for the page of the compositions. May I point out a mistake: Nehring did not play Op. 15 no. 2, but Op. 55 no. 2.

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