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Dutch Piano Humour on Stage

May 25th, 2010 in Top Video Picks by | 2 comments

Hans Liberg has received many international awards, the highest being an Emmy Award in New York in 1997 for “Liberg zaps himself”, produced by Ivo Niehe for Tros Television. In the same year he was also nominated for the Banff Television Festival in Canada and he received an honourable mention at the Golden Rose Festival in Montreux. In 1998 he hosted the Emmy Award Gala in New York, instead of Sir Peter Ustinov! Today his fame reaches far beyond the Dutch borders, attracting full houses all over Europe. Being the only comedian in their classical music programme, he even performed in the big hall of The Musikverrein in Vienna. The international character of his shows, his musical virtuosity, and his subtle humour make him a highly sought-after artist at large international galas.

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  • Lois Thiessen says:

    This is reminiscent of the late Danish pianist (whose name escapes me at the moment). I enjoy the humour, but must admit that a little goes a long way for me. I enjoy music and I enjoy humour; I enjoy them in their compartments.

  • Ru says:

    Lois is thinking of Victor Borge. But why is this labeled as “Dutch” piano humour. It should be “German” humour. Perhaps a contradiction in terms.

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