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Rubinstein by the Rubinsteins

August 2nd, 2012 in Top Video Picks by | 10 comments

Hedonist and altruist at the same time, favorite of the gods and philanthropist, melancholic and sanguine serious artist, a gifted musician and brilliant pianist, egomaniac and family pet. Arthur Rubinstein, a great character and great cosmopolitan, a man who loved life, the music and the people so much.

The recent documentary film (2010) about the life and work of Arthur Rubinstein, brings to life the personality of a great artist and demonstrates what his art is all about. Film maker Marie-Claire Margossian undertook a voyage through Rubinstein’s life with the help of his daughter Eva, a photographer and the participation of John and Alina Rubinstein as well as testimonies of friends like Jacques Chazal, Daniel Barenboim, Zubin Mehta, Gustavo Dudamel and others.

Documentaries based on biographical data is one approach, but unless it is brought to life through pictures and memories it communicates very little. This is where the family archive and the hundreds of photographs comes in.
Margossian succeeds in creating a remarkably vivid and uniquely personal profile of one of the great pianist legends of the 20th century and recreates the various steps in Rubinstein’s career and gets to the persona behind the celebrity.

Rubinstein by the Rubinsteins

ARTE France, Zone d’Images, 52 min (subtitles in German)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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  • Christian says:

    I’m sorry but this is useless. There are so many parts that are in french and the german subtitles doesn’t do any good.
    Had this ever been released on DVD?

  • MaLuisa Cedillo says:

    It’s a shame that most of it can’t be understud, and some parts that are in english are overspoken in german and can’t listen really.

  • Jerzy Zbigniew Przybojewski says:

    A marvelous creation! Artur Rubinstein blossoms as the human being in love with life. His passion for classical music and genius in interpretation will remain a legacy for as long as humanity is on this planet. His was a unique sense of humor and an uncanny ability to understand people. Love of family was so powerful. His respect in the music fraternity remains all-powerful despite the myriads of pianists on the present concert platform. Rubinstein will remain the “pianist’s pianist”. We are so fortunate to have the experience of his recorded legacy, as well as the unique pictorial history of his contribution to LIFE!

  • I’d have enjoyed it hugely–if only I could have understood it! The music was lovely, though. Love Rubinstein’s playing…

  • Mike Earles says:

    I quite agree with all the comments regarding the language issues. A release on DVD would help if English sub-titles were made available.

    I wonder does the film show the fact that he took up with Annabelle Whitestone towards the end of his life forsaking his long suffering wife?

  • Philippa Rose. says:

    How come that most of the world speaks English and this has no English subtiltles. How can it be sold in this condition? Did they run out of money or is it still unfinished I wonder……

  • Alex Mercedes says:

    Oh….can’t wait to see this with English subtitles. I’m very sorry I don’t speak either French or German.

  • Brian says:

    I agree with the above comments in respect of the several languages being spoken simultaneously…….what a pity. I hope this problem is rectified and re distributed.

  • Laura Ott says:

    If your not going to put the words in English clearly, just play his music!

  • adrian cook says:

    I agree entirely with Mike Earles’ comment. I could never understand how he abandoned his wife for Annabelle Whitestone. He would have been nothing without Aniela Rubinstein, his wife. She was his catalyst, his unique grand polish noble lady, always at his side. It is interesting that Whitestone went on to marry another millionaire, already half gone, in his eighties Lord Weidenfeld. Rubinstein did himself no good or glory to end his days without Aniela. Pity.

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