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The Art of Constructed Ecstasy – Scriabin Documentary

“Towards the Light”
— Director Oliver Becker’s Alexander Scriabin Documentary from 1996

This documentary on the unconventional life and ground-breaking music of Russian pianist and composer Alexander Scriabin sheds light on the mystical ideas which inspired him. He became consumed by a vision of a union of the arts, a coalescence of music, words, movement, light, colour and ideas , to create transcendent experiences. Contributors to his fascinating exploration of the composer’s life and work are musicians Vladimir Ashkenazy, Vladimir Horowitz, Mikhail Pletnev and Scriabin’s daughter Marina.

Link: Watch the documentary “Towards the Light” online


  1. Flashlights Says:

    Only a master like Alexander Scriabin can have visions like the ones that he had, many of our great masters are like that. They might have some form of OCD.

  2. Colin Hall Says:

    I remember studying the works of Alexander Scriabin when I was at art college. We constructed a device that connected a theremin to a midi controller and made organic images on an overhead projector. I was convinced that I was Scriabin’s reincarnation back then (with my ailments and obsessive behaviour). I’ve just passed my 43rd year and heaved a sigh of relief when history didn’t repeat itself ;-)

    I’m still into mysticism and art though …

    All the best

    Col :-)

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