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The Art of Constructed Ecstasy – Scriabin Documentary

January 22nd, 2010 in Top Video Picks by | 2 comments

“Towards the Light”
— Director Oliver Becker’s Alexander Scriabin Documentary from 1996

This documentary on the unconventional life and ground-breaking music of Russian pianist and composer Alexander Scriabin sheds light on the mystical ideas which inspired him. He became consumed by a vision of a union of the arts, a coalescence of music, words, movement, light, colour and ideas , to create transcendent experiences. Contributors to his fascinating exploration of the composer’s life and work are musicians Vladimir Ashkenazy, Vladimir Horowitz, Mikhail Pletnev and Scriabin’s daughter Marina.

Link: Watch the documentary “Towards the Light” online

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  • Flashlights says:

    Only a master like Alexander Scriabin can have visions like the ones that he had, many of our great masters are like that. They might have some form of OCD.

  • Colin Hall says:

    I remember studying the works of Alexander Scriabin when I was at art college. We constructed a device that connected a theremin to a midi controller and made organic images on an overhead projector. I was convinced that I was Scriabin’s reincarnation back then (with my ailments and obsessive behaviour). I’ve just passed my 43rd year and heaved a sigh of relief when history didn’t repeat itself ;-)

    I’m still into mysticism and art though …

    All the best

    Col :-)

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