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The Great Piano Scam

January 24th, 2013 in Top Video Picks by | 6 comments

British concert pianist Joyce Hatto had a breakdown on stage in 1976 and did not play again in public for 25 years. In her late 70s, she apparently made a miraculous comeback. She was playing complete cycles of Rachmaninoff concertos, Mozart sonatas, Beethoven sonatas, Liszt Transcendental Etudes, and many other compositions. She was hailed as the greatest British pianist of the 20th Century. After she had died in 2006, however, it came to light that not all was as it seemed. Watch and see how the situation developed.

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  • spiano95 says:

    great movie made about the scandal, “loving miss hatto”

  • Phil Jones says:

    I love it. I want to believe that this was his musical Taj Mahal.

  • Emilie Bova says:

    What a nerve. He compares himself to Michelangelo. Sad.

  • vicki erlan says:

    The burning question is: Do we have a reliable recording of hers that is absolutely beyond question only hers? I had never heard of Joyce Hatto before your expose. Vicki

  • Anthony Aaron says:

    Is the global music/entertainment surprised? Scams are ‘a dime the dozen’!

  • J.P. Morgan says:

    I’m very surprised this scam wasn’t exposed while it was going on. I’m an intermediate-level student piano player whose fingers were permanently crippled in a bicycle accident several years ago. Although I’m no longer capable of playing live, I can make near-perfect recordings in my living room using my Yamaha digital piano, my computer, and any commercially-available software recording program. This could also be done earlier with the technology used during Joyce Hatto’s time. It seems like any audiophile should have known that.

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