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Traditional Music Engraving – A Course in Magic

G. Henle Publishers produced some unique and educational videos that will give you a insight into the traditional craft of music engraving, a process employed by Henle up until the 1990s. This movie was filmed in the year 2007 and produced in 2011 for NAMM and G. Henle Publishers, directed by Martin Marris. Henle still employ a variety of techniques in producing their beautiful scores, including software programs like Sibelius. But very few people know just how involved the art of music engraving was in the days before modern music printing technology.


  1. UTBEMOL Says:


  2. pamj Says:

    Enlightening and hugely impressive demonstration of masterly technique.

  3. Glenn Vanstrum Says:

    Ach du lieber…that was splendid. Another thing to love about music, the engraver’s art.

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