Johannes Brahms
Two Rhapsodies
Op. 79

About Johannes Brahms's Two Rhapsodies

Brahms composed his Two Rhapsodies during a summer stay in Pörtschach, Austria, in 1879.
They were originally called just Klavierstücke (Piano Pieces) but were renamed at the request of the dedicatee, Elisabeth von Herzogenberg.
Both Rhapsodies are strong and darkly dramatic works, rather similar in their expressive mode. However, the first of the pair is in the ABA form of a Scherzo, while the second, one of the Brahms’s most popular and effective works, is cast in sonata form and only about half as long as its predecessor.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
1. Rhapsody Op. 79 No. 1  in B Minor by Brahms piano sheet music AAB 1. Rhapsody 36 B Minor 1880 8+
2. Rhapsody Op. 79 No. 2  in G Minor by Brahms piano sheet music AAC 2. Rhapsody 24 G Minor 1880 8

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