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Chopin’s works for piano and orchestra were all composed before his emigration to Paris in 1831; there are six works in all, including the two concertos published in reverse order.
The E minor concerto was issued in 1833, the "Second" in F minor in 1836 although Chopin composed it in 1829, when he was 19. Both reflect his infatuation with Vincenzo Bellini´s Operas, especially Norma, whose ornamentation Chopin adapted to the piano and incorporated in his own highly personal style.
Chopin’s orchestration is rarely especially artful – but this is more than compensated for by the outstanding poetry of the piano parts.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
Piano Concerto 1 Op. 11  in E Minor by Chopin piano sheet music AAB Piano Concerto 1 Op. 1114 E Minor 1833 8+
Piano Concerto 2 Op. 21  in F Minor by Chopin piano sheet music AAC Piano Concerto 2 Op. 2118 F Minor 1836 8+

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