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Topic: Chopins Works for Piano & Orchestra in their original tempo  (Read 1559 times)

Offline Steffen Fahl

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I produced recordings of all works intended by Chopin for piano and Orchestra (therefor including also the Andante spianato et Polonaise brilliante op.22 and the Allegro de concert op.46 (which was orchestrated and extended 1880 by Jean Louis Nicodé).

The Krakowiak op14 and the Krakowiak in the last movement of the Concerto op.11 are often faster played as the tempoadvices in the score suggests. But most of Chopins music for piano and orchestra is played notably slower as given in the original tempoadvices of the score.

This project therefor follows more consequently Chopins tempoadvices, without neglecting all local slowdowns which are necessary for the apropriate articulation of the musical ideas.

(All is done with my DAW.)
I hope you like it