Frédéric Chopin
in B Major, Op. 28 No. 11

ID: 270
Frédéric Chopin - Preludes:

Op. 28 No. 11

Key: B Major
Year: 1834
Level: 8
Period: Early Romantic
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Chopin Prelude Op. 28, No. 11 by akonow
I can't seem to play the appoggiature correctly in measures 15, 16, 19, and 20. When I try to play those parts hands together I always ...

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Chopin - Prelude in B-major Op.28 no.11 (Video) by rigelulz
I apologize for the quality of the camera in advanced (Not bad for a potato, though). It also seems like the space designer had a little too...

Frédéric Chopin: Prelude Op. 28 No. 11 in B Major from Preludes - piano sheet music to print instantly. This piece is level 8 and was composed during the Early Romantic period.
This piece is composed by Frédéric Chopin and was published in 1834. Title: Prelude, Op. 28 No. 11 in B Major from Preludes. The difficulty level if graded by ABRSM would be approximately 8 and it belongs to the Early Romantic period.