Claude Debussy
La cathédrale engloutie
No. 10 from Preludes Book I

The Breton legend about a sunken cathedral mysteriously rising out of the ocean, inspired Debussy to compose this Prelude, featuring the distant sounds of submerged bells, organ pipes, and chanting priests.

ID: 311
Claude Debussy - Preludes Book I:

10. La cathédrale engloutie

Key: N/A
Year: 1908
Level: 8+
Period: Impressionism
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The Sunken Cathedral

Debussy describes the fabled cathedral of the Island of Ys. Inhabitants of Breton have told the story for generations upon generations. It’s sort of the Northern French version of Atlantis, the sea devouring the island and all who inhabited it, save for the king and his daughter. Thinking she is opening the gates of the city to let in her secret lover, she instead opens the dikes and floods the place. The legend is that, at low tide, onlookers can see the spires and hear the carillon beneath the waves. Debussy evokes this combination of charming and macabre scenes with a collection of harmonic techniques and haunting themes. Debussy goes further than the legend, musically yanking the cathedral out of the water in a radiant C-Major section. Performers sometimes jump up and down to bring their full weight upon the keys to create the biggest sound possible to convey the grand scale of the organ in the cathedral. Once the cathedral has had its moment in the sun, Debussy brings in the tide and buries it again in the ocean. The listener hears the bells and the organ from afar in the deep as the music tapers off.

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