Claude Debussy
La fille aux cheveux de lin
No. 8 from Preludes Book I

Here Debussy depicts a sweet, innocent — possibly slightly sad — girl, using some of his harmonic trademarks, like 9th and 11th chords, pentatonic scales, and parallel voice leading.

ID: 309
Claude Debussy - Preludes Book I:

8. La fille aux cheveux de lin

Key: N/A
Year: 1908
Level: 7
Period: Impressionism
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The Girl with the Flaxen Hair

This piece is among Debussy’s simplest creations, but it’s had the most lasting impression of any of his piano works. There have been a great many arrangements, including for strings, harp, wind quintet, orchestra, jazz band, and even a version for bluegrass fiddle. The piece’s distinctive sound comes from its use of plagal cadences instead of dominant cadences and the pentatonic scale, both of which lend a folksy air to the tune. The eponymous girl explores a hill in Scotland, and this is a tactic Debussy uses over and over: painting a musical portrait of a foreign place.


The title La fille aux cheveux de lin was inspired by Leconte de Lisle's poem by the same name, one of his Chansons écossaises (Scottish songs) from his 1852 collection Poèmes antiques (Ancient Poems). Debussy had used the title before, for a song he wrote very early in his career, in 1882, which however doesn't show any particular similarities to the prelude.

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Piano sheet music and recordings. This piece is from Preludes by Claude Debussy: Prelude - La fille aux cheveux de lin Book 1 No. 8 (published in 1908) . Level 7, Period: Impressionism
Prelude - La fille aux cheveux de lin Book 1 No. 8, by the impressionism composer Claude Debussy. This piano piece was initially published in the year 1908 and is included in Preludes by Debussy.