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Born into a devout Catholic family in Renescure, France, Charles Louis Hanon (1819-1900) studied music with a local organist. He settled in Boulogne and worked for a while as a choirmaster and organist. He taught singing and piano privately and eventually started to publish his own compositions. Hanon led a devotedly religious and charitable life but at the same time showed a marked aptitude for business. His works all have a didactic or sacred purpose.
It is for Le piano virtuose (The Virtuoso Pianist), a set of 60 technical exercises, that he is chiefly remembered. Published in Boulogne in 1873 this work has been frequently reprinted and is still widely used. The exercises are arranged in three parts – preparatory exercises, further exercises and virtuoso exercises – and are meant to be played consecutively in the sections they are placed in, to help increase endurance as well as technical ability. After all three parts are mastered, Hanon recommends all exercises be played through daily to retain technique.

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Total pieces by Hanon: 3

TitleASTKey Published Type Level
The Virtuoso Pianist Part 1 (1-20) N/A Study n/a
The Virtuoso Pianist Part 2 (21-43) N/A Study n/a
The Virtuoso Pianist Part 3 (44-60) N/A Study n/a

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