Joseph Haydn

About Joseph Haydn's Concertos

Unlike Mozart or Beethoven, Haydn never made a living as a keyboard soloist, and his piano concertos have never been a staple of the piano repertoire.
Nevertheless, he wrote some fine works in the genre. Some of the 14 concertos for harpsichord or fortepiano ascribed to him are probably spurious, but the most well known, No. 11 in D major have the scholarly seal of authenticity, and bear the  unmistakable hallmarks of Haydn’s mature style. First performed in Paris in 1784, it contains an energetic and joyous first movement, a warmly expressive adagio and an infectious Hungarian Rondo.

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Piano Concerto 11  Hob. 18  11  in D Major by Haydn piano sheet music AAB Piano Concerto 11 Hob. 18 117 D Major 1782 7