Joseph Haydn
Piano Concerto
in D Major, Hob. XVIII: 11

Although concertos did not play a large role in Haydn's output, this one is a favorite with pianists and audiences for its cheerful Vivace, melancholy Adagio, and rousing, exotic "Hungarian" Rondo.

ID: 426
Joseph Haydn - Concertos:

Piano Concerto
Hob. XVIII: 11

Key: D Major
Year: 1782
Level: 8+
Period: Classical
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Haydn's Catchy Concerto

The piano concerto never played an important role in Haydn's output, but in this mature work he approaches the ease and stylistic mastery of the contemporary king of the genre, Mozart. The last movement Hungarian Rondo is particularly catchy.The work enjoyed wide popularity already in Haydn's own time, judging by the many surviving copies from the period.


Anthony van Hoboken’s thematic catalogue of Haydn’s works, published in 1957, lists 11 pieces under "Keyboard Concertos" (Category XVIII). Since then, two of these (XVIII:7 and XVIII:9) have been rejected as false attributions. The D major concerto was the last to be composed, and is by far the best-known of the remaining 9 concertos.

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Haydn Concerto in D Major by sdphins
Hey there, I feel so stupid asking this question, but I was looking at the score and listening to recordings and I saw that during the beginning of the score the piano is notated as it should be...

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Piano Concerto No. 11 in D Major, a composition by the classical composer Joseph Haydn. The piano score of this piece was first published in 1782 and is part of Concertos by Haydn.